Cosmic Womb

I am the One Womb

where Life came from

The Dakini-principle to unite

the consciousness of brotherhood

merging it with the Earth

landing from the eleventh dimension

into the third.

The Atomic structure


as the void became a cavity

creating the desire to

rush through existence.

The snake with its holon

constantly devouring its origin

the oldest common denominator

where they, Life and I came from

as the womb’s pulsations began

as the philosopher thrusted the seed of a thought in

commencing the vibration of

a holofractal graphic geomatrix.

Time rushed forth as the breath

a foundation for expansion

a contraction in the digestive tract of the serpent

a hunger to be fed, filled, penetrated

as the womb expanded

as the fabric

feeding, guarding, creating life

within the formation of infinite complexity.

The pearls of prayer

the Cosmic Father spoke

through the yoni chamber

as the first ode to life thus strained into DNA

as the great intercourse of God with One Self


entering deeper mysteries

through the landscape of existence.

A caleidoscopic colouringbook

the paint and the brush

within each


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