Embrace the Dark Side

An Oracle is someone who can access the invisible realm and bring back wisdom in a crystallized form.

In this life, I feel I have mainly worked with 3 archetypes –
those of the Muse, the Dakini and the Oracle.
I feel these three also touch the three planes of existence,
the Body, the Soul and the Spirit.

I live to impart these gifts upon humanity, so DARE to reach out!

As a Dark Oracle – my main work is to be of service to that which is unknown, and to constantly FEEL for that which is unknowable.

There are two kinds of Dark in the world,
both hidden from our plain sight.

First of all, there is our shadow,
that likes to rule the unconscious mind,
play with our relationships, addictions, trauma and the dream world.

By doing shadow work, we break down the tyranny of the subconscious and start to play with the archetypes from an empowered place.

If you are interested in exploring this realm with me, book for sessions on Dark Integration or discover your shadow through Astrology.

More information may be in this video:

Then there is another type of DARK, the greater, cosmic veil of the unknown that is beyond us.

This is not a darkness full of demons
and repressed childhood memories.
This is not a human darkness.

It is a soul darkness.

Closer to the unknowable – I like to refer to this darkness as the VOID.

It is a special art of the soul to LISTEN and SURRENDER to something bigger than itself. It is a realm hard to put into human concepts – but I work with this realm through activating dark bodies, unveiling the cosmology and quantum physics entailed and bringing those souls who are ready to step into their radical evolution to their greatest alignment.

Here is my latest interview – an amazing journey down all the realms:

Episode 017 – (Guest Nicole Gibson) Love Out Loud – Sovereignty, Wholeness and Pure Love The Blade and Chalice Podcast – Get Aligned during Turbulent Times!

Nicole Gibson holds a very exciting vision for assisting with the global shift underway.  She is CEO of Love Out Loud – a network dedicated to helping people reconnect with their expansive joy and holds a vision of reaching 200 million people (a significant number that we will explore)In this episode, David and Nicole chat about themes such as:* A deep dive into what pure love is * Personal sovereignty and why our fundamental baseline is so rare* How to change difficult circumstances to suit your true passions* Stages of development in people and society (Spiral Dynamics)* How to help others have profound breakthroughs of insight* Embodiment: the body really knows and how it guides us to purpose* Why the body cannot be fooled and knows rightful action* Limitless potential & the Zero Point Field: how it can be harnessed in life* Why 4% is a critical amount for lasting change* New Earth: our shift in perceived reality * How to develop a vibrational awareness and take control of your life* Places of power around the world * Finding rightful action and aligned activities* How rock-bottom can catalyze lasting change (and a couple personal stories…)For more information on Nicole’s work:website:  https://love-outloud.com/membershipIG: nicgibsonFB: https://www.facebook.com/nicolegibson.unifierFor more information on David’s work:FB: https://www.facebook.com/thebladeandchalice/IG: thebladeandchaliceWebsite: http://www.thebladeandchalice.com/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheBladeandChalice
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If you are interested in initiating yourself to this dark and working with the greater cosmos mostly unexplored to us, read this:

Heart of Dark

Photograph by Natasha Jane

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