What is a Dakini?

Dakini is an embodiment of pure awareness,

a muse for your spiritual practice

a guide into the world of sacred sexuality.

With infinite compassion,

courage and wisdom

she guides us

in the path of transformation

of our negative emotions, fears, burdens

into the luminosity of enlightened awareness.

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Desire is key.

Desire is key to both our suffering and our liberation.

I desire… and the desire fills me with my passion and my will.
Desire connects us to life, creativity and expansion beyond ourselves.

It may also turn into need, greed and excessive lust.
That is when you feel empty and seek to be filled from the outside.

Desire is abundant, overflowing acceptance of your own eros.
Dakinis have always guided seekers to transform their cravings into a passion of the heart and a fire of the soul.

This is how I work with sexual energy and with both men and women.

photo by Anne Lomberg, Berlin

Ask about working with me 1-on-1 – I rarely take clients outside of set programs or in-person offerings – but I am happy to refer you to your local Daka/Dakini/Conscious Sexuality Practitioner!

Every session is different, even with the same person. Every moment of life has a wisdom to teach us, even the painful ones, even the numbing ones…

Being there for another, to allow them to unfold ALL of who they are, in pure essence, is a wonderful service to life. My work is to be there and guide the natural flow of eros through my touch, gaze, breath and sound.

My heart shed oil, webs [and] steel [and then] blossomed into a large pink flower.
I removed all the suppression, poison, grime and denial I had put it through.
Together we grew a heart that could serve humanity.
A healing oracle energetic dancing dark angel mother lover gift – what a tear inducing blessing.

James, Australia

Why me?

Emanating through me is a frequency of the dakini-principle: compassion and creative inspiration – it has always been my soul’s essence, accentuated in this embodiment.

I am also human – but when stepping into session space, my intention is liberation from all shackles. In particular the illusion of separation.

Now is the time to truly live from the soul’s desire to be on this planet, fully embodied in sexual and spiritual self.

The work of the dakini is also to help dive deeper into the darker aspects of psyche. She is not afraid of the shadow, in anyone.

She is also adept in awakening sensations of the skin, cells, organs and the electro-magnetic system. But the ultimate frequency she holds is that of nonduality – the activation of our buddhic nature.

Through any means: touch, breath, emotions, light hypnotherapy and visualizations, archetypal role play and cosmic imagination, she finds the tools to guide the soul out of the limitations of the mind and into the present moment, into full awareness.

photograph by Aleira Moon

“You have been such an inspiration for me to shamelessly express my sensuality in ways that might be not as conventionally or commonly accepted by society.

Your instinct wide open when massaging and dancing, your intuition and awareness fully present in the room, I can sense the peacefulness of it, the delicious slowness as well that makes everything you do so incredibly powerful and filled with intention and attention.
You, with all you do and all you are, a fresh breeze of singular passion.

Clara, Berlin

Working with the Dakini – principle

I am now offering a Dakini – apprenticeship!

An online initiation into your own channel of wisdom and compassion.

Join us on facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dakiniwork/

And find out all the details (as they emerge):

And if you want to receive this work in person:

1-on-1 Shamanic Bodywork

features elements of

  • integrating soul and body
  • tantric massage (to awaken the body’s sensuality)
  • addressing emotional wounds, fears and any dark, unconscious aspects of the psyche
    (including predator/rapist/victim dynamics, birth trauma)
  • working through sexual issues – fear of intimacy – body shame – self pleasure – ejaculation – jealousy
  • any specific themes or challenges or kinks you wish to work with

All sessions are catered to uniquely you. Guided by deep intuition and instinct, my job is to expand you to the next stage of your embodied evolution – through creating intimacy and supporting the emergence of the real you.

I treat the body and the person as a unique expression of the godhead.
We may journey in the transpersonal realm (the mystical dream world where our lives are imagined into existence).
You can bathe in your own desire, flowing touch and loving presence.

I work the five bodies, acknowledging the origin of you to be eternal, and our interaction perfect and predestined.

Feedback from clients:

A truly beautiful evening, thank you. 
I appreciate the safe space you create, it allowed me a greater sense of freedom to be. Eyes and heart opening wider each day. A good teacher helps.

…all I can think of that it was the most authentic expression of love that I have felt. I have been pondering the nature of dependence and how it affects my need for love. There is more to learn…”

male client, Australia

“You have been such an inspiration for me to shamelessly express my sensuality in ways that might be not as conventionally or commonly accepted by society.

Your instinct wide open when massaging and dancing, your intuition and awareness fully present in the room, I can sense the peacefulness of it, the delicious slowness as well that makes everything you do so incredibly powerful and filled with intention and attention.
You, with all you do and all you are, a fresh breeze of singular passion.

Clara, Berlin

“Mia sees her life as a calling to touch people deeply and soothe them at their core. To her, accompanying women and men on their path to & within a vibrant and fulfilling sexuality, is a matter of the heart. 
[She has a] remarkable sensitivity and nearly magical softness…

Joe, male collegue and teacher, Berlin

“Your touches have opened another level of energy in my body, it raises much easier and higher up the spine now – I imagine this is thanks to these visualisations you activated in my heart (keeper of the heart) and in the back of my head (wild animal), which helped me both to be better integrated in my body and my sexuality.”

male client, Berlin

The Dakini Tutilage

In person: 2000aud for 3 sessions and 3 integration calls – In this case I can travel to you if provided travel and accomodation expenses.

Over an online call: 222aud for a call to explore your shadows, edges and tenderness in the field of eros. Please contact me to book in!

I also offer sessions for couples
and training for tantric bodyworkers who want to deepen into soul initiation or shadow work.

My background


What calls me to do this work is dedication to the evolution of consciousness and my own experience of how it happens through embodiment.

The more we allow the soul/spirit/awareness to descend into the cellular structure of the physical system – the more we are able to FEEL and understand transcended states like Oneness, Unity Consciousness, Compassion, Love… etc. Also the process of awareness embodied has the chance to heal past experiences.

I have studied psychology, creative arts and dance/movement therapy and my own practice is the use of creative introspection through poetry, movement and vocals.

My spiritual studies are in tantric yoga (the real left hand mystic path) and more recently in esoteric cosmology via the mystery school of Highden founded by Bruce Lyon. The ultimate goal for me is to find the Source through any means – quantum physics, sufism, shamanism, reductionist atheism.. all roads lead home to nothingness.

My touch is founded in intuitive massage, deep tissue and taoist bodywork and I have been trained in tantric bodywork including genital touch and have 3 years of professional experience working with this delicate art.

Having worked with dance, creative therapies and body work with people of all ages from pretty much every continent/economic background – I do not take anyone for granted.

My ongoing and future research is into the realms of void-consciousness, psychedelic therapies, use of ritual performance to tap into collective consciousness and creating a culture of more loving, authentic relating.

The Story of the Dakini

Now that I have your attention..

I have decided to own up to the soul that I am in this body.

The work that I am doing, the capability that I have, the special powers I yield – It is not mine. The force of life and the universe courses through me, but as I feel its presence, I am guided by it.

Rather than holding all that in the shadow, here it is, speaking with the voice of that greater energy that overcomes me:

I am a Dakini – a soul realized and embodied who chooses not the path of detachment from suffering, but feels the call to help life everywhere become realized in the here and now, through the reality and flesh.

It is the tantric path of swimming in the nectars of life, only to find God pulsating through every cell. Consciousness pouring through my pores, I want to touch other bodies directly, with love, with understanding, and with the white light of truth.

The energy of divinity excites me, and I am curious to find it in the most unlikely places, situations, faces – my practice is to empathize with the dark, to reach out to any one until I find their soul and their struggle.
I shall not forget my own imperfections – the main bread of my daily life is to carve my own skin, to witness my own wounding, to expose the tender bits.

In every encounter I am asking for your presence. I am beckoning for your conscious touch, because that is SOUL EMBODIMENT. Peeling the layers of our experience, so that what truly touches and matters is revealed. Yes, it involves sexuality because this is where it all started – our life, our innocence and the fall from it.

I have been through Hell’s fire and I have wished to leave my body many times. I lay on the floor for hours, days, months, with no inspiration to move. But I found no way out of existence, only more incarnations, only more lessons to learn if I didn’t do the homework.

So I’ve decided to make the most of it. Push through all the obstacles because I feel what life is really about is so much MORE than what we are living.

I don’t want to patronize. I am not perfect. I eat meat and drink when I wish. I get sad and I get angry. The commitment I have made is to be conscious of all this. To bring love into every interaction with the surface reality. My fingertips, my body, my tongue, my heart and my soul are all owned by this source of All.

Why the world needs Dakinis? Why would I?

We are few and we are many, and our practices are highly controversial as our gifts are of great value. The session can be anything that is required, for you, to become your True Self. And to bring that to the world, to integrate your personality and your spiritual belief, your family and your creative calling.

When did I become a dakini?

No one gave me this title, though my mentors saw it in me and called it at times.

I identified as one deep in my soul, when I realized I can transmute emotions through my body. I started by dancing into orgasmic states – especially in spaces where many people were expressing and releasing energy – I would guide this outspill of noise, emotion and activity through my vulva and spine and out again through the heart or the crown of my head. The invisible current of energy, much like water, would then flow as a fountain from me to the environment again and produce such a powerful vortex in my body that I would sound ecstatically from my lower lips to the upper ones.

I am committed to coming into love (whenever I falter)

and extending my compassion to all aspects of life.

Contact me to book a call or a session!