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I had a lot to say about being a Dakini – a channel for some sacred heart and sexual connection.
Though I am moving onto offerings of more subtle nature now – collapsing the gender polarities and working in the realm of soul- archetypes of the planets and zodiac – I still hope this treasure chest offers you some reference to journey with!

Here are the archives for interviews I have given in the past years, to get a feel for my words and wisdom.

If you have questions and want to make bookings or interview requests, contact me direct: mademoisellemia[at]

The Good Girls Don’t Embrace The Sacred Prostitute -podcast
A revelational interview about the madonna/whore complex and where trauma lies in the body.

Listen here

“Whatever the energy coming at you – you can receive and transmute it and penetrate back to them through the heart – with love.
The potential for pleasure we have, and the potential to teach men through that pleasure is HUGE but we need to go there first and we need to understand what is happening in our bodies.”

Mia Mor

The Essence with Ilsa Fay – “I feel like I’m bringing […] that ripple into reality, bringing the unexpected and the unknown [in]to a tangible, experiential felt sense.” MM
Discussing fear of the unknown, white privilege, trusting the body’s wisdom in all situations – and how to do that.

Interview really starts at 2:15mins

My Archives of Writing

A fascinating interview with Clara Louise Marie around panic attacks, eating ‘healthy’, the higher significance of strip clubs, transcending the ego through emptiness and sourcing ourselves through the ‘Void’.

The Hedonistic Queen had this to say about me:
What a beautiful, whole, thought provoking and body enticing conversation.
With a gentleness and comfortability to explore areas of our lives that are quite contradictory to the norm…
This conversation was a natural trans altering state where we just moved where we felt guided to go, and in doing that we delved into crevices that had my heart wide open.

1. How women can explore their sexuality without being intimidated by the gaze of others.
2. How a woman can move from competing against to creating a sisterhood.
3. Lust in all it’s forms and when the charge is sexual or not and how you can tell.
4. How sometimes we need to put the creator aside and observe.
5. What life looks like as a non dualist and how that sometimes means letting the polarity move through you.

… gender, how life is a replication of the dance floor will be the evolution of consciousness and conscious sex work.

So much to explore in this episode and one to move to and feel into the resonance for you.

About Mia Mor:
This non dual deity has captured my heart with her wild untamed essence.

Her cheekiness
Her unashamedly evil
Her courage to bring consciousness to sex work.
The little wrinkle in her noise she gets is a tell tale sign that she is a pure embodiment of everything she believes in and all that she is, you know that it runs through her veins.

You can’t help but feel she is at the tipping point of unleashing her magick in way that we haven’t seen in this world.

She is unafraid to voice with vulnerability and knows that how it lands on others is not for her, but for them/ you/ us.

I’m not even sure if she fully realises it, by her just showing up the way she does is inspiring others to move into every crevice of their own body, their partners body and their life in the most seductive, playful and enticing way.

Can you feel that, life just took a turn into path that has been calling our name forever….

A Poet, Lover, Gypsy soul, Shamanic Bodyworker and decadent human.

It is my honour to share this deity that is Mia Mor LIVE on The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show.”

Watch the Hedonistic Queen and I riff around all the things here.

I am also a part of the triadic collective of Andromeda Arts – a new age creative, immersive cauldron of creativity – we source our life from the moment, the mystery and intimacy in a myriad of ways.

A little snippet of our process here

Thank you for your curiosity!