Embrace of the Dakini

An initiation into
our own Erotic Essence
as wisdom

and service to the world

Deep journey into the wisdom
of embodied enlightenment through:

embodied awareness [nonduality in the body],
touch [of love transpersonal & personal],
insight & intuition [fierce wisdom],
practices of love [in relationships and service]
shadow work [transmutation of negative emotions]
& world service [a heart to fit all of humanity in]


Next Dakini – immersion will be
starting September 21st 2021

The Course Content

(*but not limited to):

Embodied awareness:
nonduality in the body,
union of Spirit and Matter,
descent into the cellular soma,
activating womb-heart-void simultaneously,
dancing with the world soul

Practices of Love: Lessons from the Dakinis of All Ages
cultivating all layers of the erotic in our own being
shadow work with our own wounds, re-parenting, re-birthing
fantasies and fetishes (playing with desires and fears),
cultivating Eros and Spirit together,
creating ritual containers
creating/offering from the empty centre

Touch and Embrace of the Dakini: Alchemy with the Absolute
love-making alchemy – polarity, synergy, the tangible and the invisible
creating a temple atmosphere
techniques of touch,
finding your own version of the dakini,
developing acuity on the different bodies we interact through;
mastering/finding your way in emotions, energetics, physical awareness, imagination and beyond

All Our Relations: I am all beings and I am nothing
Healing our relationships: the masculine/feminine,
and intergenerational trauma,
authentic communication, movement and listening
unpacking our fears, boundaries and desires
using astrology as tool of alchemy with clients and temple rituals

With Passion for World Service: Working with Divine Will
Breaking our Hearts for Humanity
Creating Temple everywhere, anytime
Transformative practices – the key elements of any ritual
Truth, Compassion, Presence
Developing our Own Offering

This course is constantly evolving with the participants!
The Dakini is so much more than a knowledgeable tantrika – but she is always someone who does MASTER HER OWN ENERGY.

I speak about my own experience of healing through the erotic and sexual realm in the video below – consider this course open to anyone wanting to heal their relationship to the body, partner, masculine/feminine, family lineage etc..

This course can completely be a self practice – but I also offer support and tools considering those going into the world of offering intimate sessions of any calibre – because I believe the realm of touch is one of the most powerful offerings in this world!!

p.s. beside the trigger word ‘sex work’ – this is also the healing of our sexuality
as aligned and connected to the Soul and Spirit

This will be a HUGE journey – I recommend you take the time to step into the archetype of the dakini. Set aside an hour a day to be with your own process through this (you can spend it dancing, meditating, reading, journaling or in nature or in any way you see fit – BUT set aside time to BE WITH DEEPER LISTENING.

We will do as much of the work we can together and connect at all the curves of the road via the group.

I will reserve 8 weeks to complete the whole journey together, with 6 being more intensive (with group calls) and 2 to complete your own process (integrate and close the container).

Teaching modules start officially 21st September – there are assigned readings, meditations and I am available for 1-on-1 guidance through astrological archetypes on finding your own way into the world of Dakini-work.

For any questions, please contact me directly!

Application form TO BE FILLED BY EVERYONE:

Payment: Moving into an improved structure and flow of the course, this 5th round offers more guidance, group, partner work and ONE private session call with me!

Price of full course, group process and 1 session with Mia:

A$ 888 / US$ 678 / 569 EUR / 495 GBP

Or opt in for further support and deepening with more time to grow, learn, integrate:

Price of full course, group process PLUS 4 sessions with Mia
(* you may use private sessions over a longer course of time)

A$ 1222 / US$ 929 / 780 EUR / 678 GBP

*** Payment plan is available – I’d love to receive a deposit as a show of your commitment and you can suggest a payment plan of your choice (as little as $111 a week).
Payments via bank (details upon application) or paypal* (to which add 5% transfer fee): mademoisellemia@outlook.com (USD or AUD)

Deposit for Dakini work


You will get the full payment details after filling out the application form!

Thank you!