Embrace of the Dakini

An initiation into
our own Erotic Essence
as wisdom

and service to the world

Deep journey into the wisdom
of embodied enlightenment through:

embodied awareness [nonduality in the body],
touch [of love transpersonal & personal],
insight & intuition [fierce wisdom],
practices of love [in relationships and service]
shadow work [transmutation of negative emotions]
& world service [a heart to fit all of humanity in]


Dakini immersions now

as 1-on-1s
*for all genders

The Course Content

(*but not limited to):

Embodied awareness:
nonduality in the body,
union of Spirit and Matter,
descent into the cellular soma,
activating womb-heart-void simultaneously,
dancing with the world soul

Practices of Love: Lessons from the Dakinis of All Ages
cultivating all layers of the erotic in our own being
shadow work with our own wounds, re-parenting, re-birthing
fantasies and fetishes (playing with desires and fears),
cultivating Eros and Spirit together,
creating ritual containers
creating/offering from the empty centre

Touch and Embrace of the Dakini: Alchemy with the Absolute
love-making alchemy – polarity, synergy, the tangible and the invisible
creating a temple atmosphere
techniques of touch,
finding your own version of the dakini,
developing acuity on the different bodies we interact through;
mastering/finding your way in emotions, energetics, physical awareness, imagination and beyond

All Our Relations: I am all beings and I am nothing
Healing our relationships: the masculine/feminine,
and intergenerational trauma,
authentic communication, movement and listening
unpacking our fears, boundaries and desires
using astrology as tool of alchemy with clients and temple rituals

With Passion for World Service: Working with Divine Will
Breaking our Hearts for Humanity
Creating Temple everywhere, anytime
Transformative practices – the key elements of any ritual
Truth, Compassion, Presence
Developing our Own Offering

This course is constantly evolving with the participants!
The Dakini is so much more than a knowledgeable tantrika – but she is always someone who does MASTER HER OWN ENERGY.

I speak about my own experience of healing through the erotic and sexual realm in the video below – consider this course open to anyone wanting to heal their relationship to the body, partner, masculine/feminine, family lineage etc..

This course can completely be a self practice – but I also offer support and tools considering those going into the world of offering intimate sessions of any calibre – because I believe the realm of touch is one of the most powerful offerings in this world!!

p.s. beside the trigger word ‘sex work’ – this is also the healing of our sexuality
as aligned and connected to the Soul and Spirit

This will be a HUGE journey – I recommend you take the time to step into the archetype of the dakini. Set aside an hour a day to be with your own process through this (you can spend it dancing, meditating, reading, journaling or in nature or in any way you see fit – BUT set aside time to BE WITH DEEPER LISTENING.

You will get added support from the graduates of this program! I will do my best to partner you up with another participant so that you can do the work together.

There are assigned readings, meditations and I am available for 1-on-1 guidance through astrological archetypes on finding your own way into the world of Dakini-work.

For any questions, please contact me directly!

Application form TO BE FILLED BY EVERYONE:

Payment: Moving into an improved structure and flow of the course – I now offer this work as weekly 1-on-1 call for 5 weeks as you work through the material in your own pace.

Dakini -course


Thank you!