I happened across a recent podcast speaking about Osho's own abusive nature within the cult.  Meanwhile still having conversations about this rope master who claims to be 'Shibari healing' and has unfortunately a history of manipulating, breaking boundaries and slipping away from accountability or confrontation. And the whole conversation of women going back to Jesus [...]

We are Here.

We can see through our false idols, see the shortcomings of romantic projections, see the shadows of our teachers see the poetry in the destruction and the brilliance of life taking everything from us, before it can give us the keys to the new era. The keys exist. They are here. Truth. Authenticity, honesty. Love. [...]

Expanding through Music

It is not only our ears that listen. Our skin absorbs vibrations of sound and our heart tends to synchronize with the beat of the music we hear. We can literally expand our embodied consciousness through listening and moving to music that challenges us. I remember my first experience of spontaneous orgasms on the dancefloor [...]