Love is and the rest is Mystery

The mission always comes first, my brother

– as it was set in the Highest Commission

beyond the human condition.

Laced with infinite compassion,

the statement as follows carved in crystal stone:

The Souls of One single origin are only to meet once old enough,

with significant relationship karma worked through,

for the purpose of their union is not to come together to live a human life,

but to set each other aflame

to shine brighter and thus encourage the unfolding

of the Great Mission of Planet Earth.

“And so, only after you irrevocably have chosen

God as Love to be your command

to be your ladder and your anchor

in every situation, in every encounter

– then your powers united shall double

the capacity of the others

to awaken and speed up the evolution of those

ready to rise.

And they shall lead by the example of tribe

as one unified field consciousness.”

I get it.

Still doesn’t mean it won’t hurt

to feel the floods of past separation sweeping by

to remember, as if by becoming lucid of the structure

of space and time itself, that we are,

and once were, One Being

with a great Master mind

and as we now tickle each others neuronal pathways and arteries

with the thought of becoming that Majestic Heart

in and of itself magnetizing back in

the atom’s polarities —

but at the cusp between crust and core

realizing WHY the skins exist,

why the one Heart now beats as many separate beings

– as we become invincible

as lovers, magicians, jokers and strippers.

And this realization leaves me with

nothing to spare, no reason to back away

on the contrary – I am rushing to meet you

rushing to know you, be you, grow US

as THIS planetary being, so that

through every pair of eyes

through every unique body with its contours

through every soul inside – I may dive

into you

deeper into love’s tomb

into the simplicity to break complexity

by the truth that the same love runs

through you and through

and through.

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