What is the Purpose?

(Whether you believe this or not (and you are welcome to discard it if it doesn’t speak to you) I feel the message is loud and clear.)

We are together here on Earth, in this global community to walk the path of the heart, the path of dharma*.

(*this means we have a purpose that is chosen by the soul that has embodied, BEYOND conditioning, cultural restrictions, ANYTHING – and if we are doing that and truly aligned with the higher self the resources will be given to us to work through the dharma.)

We are deeply committed to making the transition from fear to trust,

from hatred to love,

from the state of separation and isolation to a state of union,

from egoism to authentic altruism.

Moving from the mind to the heart.

We are working to remove the layers that cover the true self
and illuminating the forgiveness that frees us from our attachment to the past, our attachment to the story of what we believe ourselves to be.

We are working towards illuminating love, this infinite capacity to give ourselves through the gifts and talents that each of us bring into this world.

That’s what we’re here for.

And I am here to help this process for anyone who asks for my help.

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