Week 2 – Love in the Dark

A trickle from our group call into this Cauldron:

We invoke Lilith – as the free woman, the Wild One, she who chose to claim her own erotic power, her body, not for the pleasure of man, but for her own enjoyment.

And… often Lilith cops out shadows projected and injected (you how we can invoke an archetype like ‘Kali’ and use her an excuse to be violent (not lovingly, just in shadow) with our partner?). A big part of this week’s work is weeding out our own shadow – doing the work, so that when we encounter it in others, we have sympathy and tools to shift the dynamics.

SHARE: what role do we play in our story?

The shamed little girl
(humiliation, innocence, victim, curiosity)
The judgmental mother
(withdrawing, powerplay, nurturance, conditioning)
The hungry slut
(anxious attachment, sex = love, faceless pleasure taking)

–> can we really play them out?

–> how does that link to our relationships or the kind of dynamics/spaces we create?

The healing balm for all of the above includes:

The little girl claiming responsibility

The judgmental mother finding compassion

& The hungry slut learning to satisfy her own need and worth

As a balance point to all the shadow hunting and aspecting – I’d love to begin and end with the practice of running Eros in the vertical axis of our own being

Meditation on Spirit & Eros

Lecture: In the Dark Alleyways of Our Lives

Some of these themes we touched upon on our call – but the lecture goes into depth about the birth phases, the fear, and experiencing wholeness again.

This is only the beginning… and shadows show up in our lives multiple times, in different costumes, with different faces, along with various scenarios and emotions involved. But the faster we get to the root cause, or the reason for our reaction – we may be able to save relationships and cut drama out of our lives.

The less blaming of others I am, the more freedom I have.

Readings for this week

And the 2 books I highly recommend you to have and read in your own pace (Grof’s book I’ve only included the Matrices in full, so if you don’t get the whole book, at least familiarize with the 4 phases):

Carolyn Elliott – Existential Kink

And some inspiring thinkers on taboos, shadows, the fixations around them:

Practice: Dancing with Our Anger

Healthy expressions of anger are hardly witnessed in the world. So, this week we delve into that – as a prelude to aspecting with our relations further in week 3.

Here is the video of the exemplary practice. You do not have to copy any of my movement!! In fact, I want you to awaken your own authentic expression. The techniques help to transport energy throughout the body though, so I hope you find it useful to include some in your practice!

Some playlists that might inspire you:

Practice Session 2 (Part 1 & 2)
– A Guided exploration of a fear-inducing theme…

Ideally, everything I am demoing is something you’ve done for yourself – or isn’t too far from your own expertise and comfort zone, so this is one that would be an easy way to help anyone access and heal some past memories.

Part of how this relates to being an anchor and point of love in the world is tremendous – Dakini’s not only work with physical body, but astral, and guiding someone to do their own integration is one of the most precious skills one can have.

Below is the second part of the session. I hope it is a source of inspiration on your own path as well as potential of how to work with others. I am not in any way suggesting you follow this as a guide – but it is a demonstration of a situation of unpacking the birthtrauma and the pattern that came up and chose to be looked at.

If you do wish to work in the field of kink with clients – do seek consult from a professional BDSM practitioner. And have a conversation about their training, their background, their usual client-policy (professional boundaries) and if they’ve worked with other professionals (sometimes cross-referencing/getting options is the best policy).

Finding a good Master or kink expert is like finding a good therapist. Yet, as much as bdsm has a chance to heal, it also has a chance to re-traumatize. Hence – next week’s videos on conversations and communications, dynamics and polarities will add to this topic!

Group Call 2 – The Cosmic Womb

In this call we went through feeling the vulnerability and the fear.

The guided practice was of descending into the fear, allowing it to speak and then alchemizing it in our womb, connected to the cosmic womb.

From there, love exists. Going through the layers of personal, transpersonal and cosmic (void) – Love itself.