Welcome to the Wonderous world of Void – practice

Welcome to the Cosmic Womb.

Void is a state we can enter – always there, beside us, as a frequency of emptiness, timelessness and nonduality. We just need to remember it.

I believe we were in the ‘void’ before being born. So much of the experience is a return to our original state – the one where our cells created themselves, where we felt and sensed things for the first time.

The Void – practice to me, is a meditation that entails life, instead of being separate from it. Instead of any imposed structure, it is the feminine state of surrender, listening, allowing movement to occur, feeling the emotions, thoughts, sensations rise and fall and observing how the stories dissolve within the moment.

We all have our variation of this frequency, it is innate to us, but there are also infinite layers and ways of getting into it – and this is what the IMMERSION is about.

During the day we will cover some theory and do a lot of practice.

*Dimensions of our embodiment – distinctions and experiential practices for the 6 bodies
*Phases of our pre-natal existence – how does birth trauma influence our relationship to our own embodiment?
*The cosmos within and out – what are some of the universal physics that apply to both realms?
*Dissolving polarities through play and integration

VOID IMMERSION consist of personal introspective work, some partnered exercise and a group experience.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone – we will descend to the body slowly and following therapeutic techniques. The Void-work is *never* imposing anything ON to you, your own being informs you how deeply and in what time you engage with it.

Void Immersion – a 1day training EARLY BIRD

9.30am – 9pm A full day with catered breaks including embodiment practices, lecture, Q&A, partnered work and a group practice in the evening. Early bird is available to first 6 signups (*and those of low income background).


Void Immersion – FULL PRICE

9.30am – 9pm A full day with catered breaks including embodiment practices, lecture, Q&A, partnered work and a group practice in the evening.


Frequently Asked…

What is this strange concept?
Well, the Void is more of a state, a brain wave frequency of calm, yet awake, similar to many deep meditative states. The difference to normal meditation is that the body is allowed to move – or be moved by, life, impulses, instincts – with the distinction that we are *NOT* deliberately trying to ‘do’ or ‘move’ anything.
Therefore, the state of Void is a state of emptiness, but full of experience. It is stillness in which motion may occur. It is deeply nurturing but also capable of lifting up those repressed emotions and thoughts that otherwise have no space to be felt through.

Void is best experienced as a group practice – but we all form our own connection to it.

Who are you to teach Void? I, Mia Mor, will be your guide to the cosmos – my background in therapeutic creative arts practices stems over 10 years.
I first studied dance and movement improvisation and therapy in college and have worked with both physically and mentally divergent groups and individuals in the field of free expression since 2010.
After a year into a Masters in Dance/movement therapy I steered away from a degree in western psychotherapy as I saw the limits of it, having travelled across cultures and found the collective healing and accessing liminal states as important additions to mental health work.
I’ve done an extensive stint of work in the realms of shamanic sexuality and erotic healing work – I do not believe this aspect of us can be suppressed or ignored.
My theoretical background to this work stems from dance therapy, my own independent study of quantum and astrophysics, my apprenticeship years in a modern mystery school based on transhimalayan esoteric teachings about the cosmos and the ongoing experiential distillation of all of that into my own coherent flavour of Void Magic.
As my own work grows, I am a fan of subtle and sober approaches to meeting our deepest essence. I lead contact-based movement practices weekly, I teach erotic embodiment and healing online and mentor those who wish to do this work in the world.

What is the history of the Void – practice?Void Hours’ started around June 2020, as if the practice came to me and instructed me. First I began making soundscapes for it, mixing together songs that contained a certain quality, with sounds of heart beat, breath, whales, jungles, caves, and the galaxy.
I played with frequencies – sound bowls, binaural beats, chants of monks and nuns, vibrational tunes of the other planets in our solar system.
I added dark, slow symphonies and some more evocative, melodic tunes to compose a canvas of LIFE, slowed down…
The first gatherings were eyes closed, soon we introduced blindfolds.
The thing that has always stood out is that there is no way to impose or create hierarchy in the Void. It is a living being amongst those who enter the experience together. It is not a story we can later tell, but we’ve all felt it and lived it and somehow, cleansed by it.