Yes! Take Me to the Cosmos…

You are invited to sign up for 1 month – a quarter at a time or the whole year!

Beware that every month is a whole WORLD onto itself – a course that can be taken separately or as part of the whole.

If you sign up for a year you will have access to everything all year round – no matter when you decide that.

You will get:

  • 2 monthly LIVE calls (also recorded) before New and Full Moon
    (for group ritual and Q & A and major updates and themes)
    8 am AEST the day before the moon ‘pops’
  • In-depth lectures on the Archetypes & Astrology of the Month
  • Especially catered meditation journeys on alchemizing the theme
  • Practices – tools and techniques to embody and transmute challenges in your life
  • And we work with relationships, wounds, the bodies and souls, the erotic ecstatic current, POWER coming from the Heart and from the Void
  • Working with the Planets means we adopt practices for each month that may enforce our own understanding of how to move and work with the cosmic archetypes in the real world

As an ongoing initiation into your own connection to the cosmos – this is a growing, expanding and fluid mentorship. We will do magic together and learn to listen DEEPLY to the universal current, the pulses of earth and other planets and our own core void-wisdom.

A whole 12 month journey through the Cosmos $3333*
(or $290/month (incl. surcharges))
*please use bank details below for payment in full NOW.

Or join for a smaller journey…

*** TALK TO ME if money is an issue and you want to be a part of this! The purpose is to align and produce Wealth rather than lose it! I want all of my mentees to be vibrant and working on the things they love to do and be rewarded with love and gratitude in the form they prefer it.

You can also pay via bank tranfer or paypal at this time.
I can accept payments in AUD, USD, GBP or EURO.

I prefer bank transfers! AUD details below.

For direct Bank xfer within Australia:

Mia Korhonen

BSB: 802–985

ACC: 71911 -2613

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