Questions Answered

The most curious cats ask earnest questions.
Before we touch, here are some things to let your mind be at peace.

What happens in a session?

What is/can be included?

What about other kinks?

Can I see you now?

What is your relationship to eroticism?

What Happens in a session?

We meet and sit down for some tea. A moment to transition from daily life to a special meeting. I ask about your experience with tantra, we can talk about desires and boundaries and I describe the flow of the session.

Then we begin the bodywork. I guide you from the state of nervous excitement into relaxed, full embodiment. We breathe together, touch flows across your whole body, allowing energy to flow from head to toes.
Focus on loosening tension and shedding stress.

Then we move to more intuitive flow – different types of touch and focus on that which is most pleasurable. Some prefer to receive and journey in their inner world – blindfold, altered state, feeling fully through the skin.
Others prefer to find a flow together, more mutual touch, slow and sensate. The massage becomes a dance and the body feels soft and playful and loved up.

If you have any particular thing you desire to focus on – this is where it happens – most allow me to improvise and keep going with the intuitive flow. Depending on time, this is the climactic part of the session – to allow space for the after waves of oxytocin-filled pleasure.

Finally some last breaths and integrating touch or a cuddle together.

What is included?

The mind always wants more fantasy – but I believe that the meeting of two strangers in full-bodied touch is already A LOT.
To truly allow yourself to feel the intelligence & emotion of my body and touch, for me to offer loving touch, to worship your skin and smooth the pains of heart, body or soul away for a moment – that is bliss.
I DO NOT offer FS or anything compromising my intimate hygiene – because I want the session space to remain sacred (freely given & received) and have no damaging repercussions to either party.
Respectful mutual touch is part of it – I trust my body to communicate when it enjoys and doesn’t – it is NOT ABOUT DOING this or that – it is about how present you are to me and in your own body.

That said, I have a few different sessions on offer to experiment with altered states of surrender and orgasm:

Bondage to space

I use shibari-ropes in a dynamic way to encapsulate your body.
You get to feel the physical power of restriction, explore the edge of helpless surrender of being touched, moved, rocked, cocooned.
My technique is more about dominance and control – not about aesthetics.
I don’t do suspensions – I use the rope as an energetic tool that may in itself lead to new states of orgasmic tenderness.
I may tease you whilst in constriction and when you will finally ask to be liberated – the unfolding into space delivers a new found expansion to freedom.

250Euros ~ 1,5hrs
+ 50eur/extra 30mins or come to you

Void – Blindfold

A slow, cosmic womb-like experience of cellular ecstacy.
Dropping the nervous system down to deeper and deeper layers of rest.
An amazing way for bodies that have experienced trauma or feel fear, anxiety, depression or any overwhelming emotional burden and wish to shed it.
Void-space is like a reboot for the whole brain and body.
It erotic in a non-polarity way – we won’t focus on forcing it to climax but it can produce new discoveries about the body’s ability to feel orgasmic waves without goal-orientedness.

250 euro ~ 1,5hrs
+ 50eur/extra 30mins or come to you

Sweet Strap Seduction

Come and feel how it is to be deliciously, deliriously f*ed.
Whether it is your kink or your first time – I tenderly guide your body to open and receive some phallic energy. It is highly sensational, can bring up emotions or launch you into ecstatic waves of experiencing orgasms that are more full bodied. If you’ve never been penetrated – it is going to teach you a lot about how it is to be on the receiving end.

250 euro ~ 1,5hrs
+ 50eur/extra 30mins or come to you

What about other kinks?

I am always open to hear about your desires but I do not specialize in other fields of BDSM or fetish. Rather than fantasy – I focus on AUTHENTICITY.

I have a background in somatic therapy – so I mainly work with challenges to intimacy, unpacking psychological kinks or physiological trauma.

For me, the first meeting is to establish TRUST – we can discuss the possibility of expanding the exploration on 2nd or 3rd sessions.

I still offer an introduction to my unique form of body work for 150eur/hr – a space for us to meet and enjoy erotic body work.
Please note I DO NOT do discounts – but you are welcome to tip me.

Can I see you now?

Thank you for respecting my privacy and professionalism.
I like to be fully present and available for each session – that means I’d like to prepare a day beforehand. Sometimes I am able to accomodate last notice – but also due to many messages, I choose clients based on their manners and integrity.
I don’t answer calls because this would be unpaid work and my phone is always on silent.

I value the magic of first encounters – my life is a journey of meeting strangers and establishing trust & intimacy.
I have unwavering faith that every encounter will teach us something and bring us closer together as humanity.

What is your relationship to eroticism?

Erotic energy for me is our natural life-celebrating state.
When we meet each other naked in our nature.
It does not always mean we go all the way – for me, my heart is still very temperamental around full connection and I feel the boundaries I have around the service I do are sufficient for me to be able to continue to show up lovingly, open-hearted and present to each meeting.

Orgasms are full body and mind experiences, best enjoyed in prolongued states of surrender and letting go – I am aware that the male impulse is more goal oriented and visual and wants to control/direct/act – I UNDERSTAND and there are many places where you get to do that – I invite you to taste a different door to your palace of ecstacy.

And just like life – we have chemistry with some more than others. I am definitely turned on by movement and touch intermingled, money, power, meeting strangers and seeing them enjoy.

I also enjoy time alone in the wilderness – I spend spells of my life in the desert, the jungle, long intercontinental train rides or moving to places in the world I’ve never been to.

Thank you for your interest, I’ll be delighted to meet.