One Womb

still from One Womb DNA

This NFT project is a love child born from the loins of Mia Mor.

The poetic verse in the ‘One Womb’ collection is a channeling from the Dakini-nature as it reflects upon the inevitable task of embracing the phallic energy of the world – the thought, the brotherhood, the paint brush of creation.

still from One Womb Devouring

The sound was created upon a spontaneous jam amidst the crush of 2020 – a chant by Mia, rhythms by Ami and some eerie violin played by Bella.

The first coming together of the 3 modalities – the verse, the sound and the visual was inspired by Ilsa Fay’s Erotica – Film Festival, to which ‘One Womb’ made an appearance in it’s glorious entirety.

Filming and acting was done as the entity of Andromeda Arts, a ritual arts collective founded by Miss Mor & Natasha Jane. The further edits are all composed by Miss Mor alone.

still from One Womb Beginning

The One Womb NFT – series is the first mystic embrace of the world-to-come. The Dakini-nature that lives in each of us, inside the feminine form, in the wisdom of earth – thus enters the arena.

Collectors of this series will receive HIGH QUALITY rewards:

* An ongoing flux of ART through the private telegram channel – poetry, song, photography and video – you are becoming a patron of Andromeda Artswhere the mystical, magical and erotic underbelly of the earth makes love to the cosmos.

* A Dakini session IN PERSON or ONLINE with Miss Mor OR Miss Jane – currently we are “stuck” in Australia/New Zealand, but expect to be touring the whole world again soon.
Dakini – sessions are erotic activations, innocence and divinity embodied throughout the physical, cellular, orgasmic human being.
It is a physical, energetic, emotional, archetypal and dark body journey – that will reveal your own true nature – and the chance to be met AS THAT by the feminine.
* A private online viewing of the whole One Womb project – of which each token is a 20-second snippet, plus the audio file in its entirety
* Access to the DARK MATTER – online course about the esoteric nature of cosmology, astrophysics and quantum reality.
Taught by Mia Mor – this is a constantly evolving offering of the latest sense-making of the Bigger Picture.
* Second Coming 2022 – A book of poetry, both the physical copy and the narrated version (coming Solstice 2021)
* Ecstacy and Agony – A book of poetry pdf

2022 Some of the rewards coming up for those who hold on to these tokens:

* Odes from the Underworld – an Album of songs by Mia Mor
* Istanbul Memoirs – an exclusive collection of poetry and black and white photography from Mia’s era living in one of the greatest cities in the world 2009
* Access to exclusive courses and content that Andromeda Arts or Miss Mor herself creates

The One womb project is limited to 22 projects – each a video of 22 seconds – the whole project will only be available to those who hold a piece of the puzzle.

So far, the available titles in the One Womb project are:


You may request one privately if you wish to reserve.