Masculine/Feminine addendum

So, in the spirit of the season (which is about so much more than feminine vs masculine, “straight” vs nonbinary, daddy vs little girl, cult dynamics etc) I wanted to add voice to the conversation.

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Some good questions to journal with:

  • Define what is a woman to you? [use adjectives or easy action words]
  • Then list the opposite of those words into a separate column – subconsciously, that is a ‘man’
  • Feel into relationships to the masculine where you may withdraw love by default or expectation that he acts a certain way
  • Define what ‘queer’ means to you?
  • Also a worthy consideration: define what it is to be ‘trauma-informed’? Who qualifies as such? What context is it important in?

It started from a heated debate on whether the queer culture is responsible for converting teenagers to have sex change operations. I wholeheartedly do NOT think so. I think it is our culture only accepting certain definitions of ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’ that lead to heightened polarizations and also the lack of education around the diversity and difference of biological body, gender and sexuality.

A queer-identifying friend linked me this documentary to watch, to get a sense of where the mainstream debate is stemming from. I find it difficult in its approach as sensational, black and white and perhaps missing the key issue: the medicalisation of our culture and our ‘healing’.

You can watch the doco by downloading thru the following link:

If you are working on matters regarding sexuality, gender polarity or anything to do with the physical body, it is worth educating yourself on the spectrum and nuance of possibilities.

Here are some other personal stories for perspective: