Heart of Dark

Come Initiate yourself to the next rung of evolution


We are no longer meant to be binary creatures,
or ignorant children, for we are not separate creatures
and not even meant to stick to the level of Gods and Goddesses
because within us is the seed of EVERYTHING AND NOTHING.

Time to break out of our individualized selves and become aware and play in the field of existence.

How everything finally connects.

Quantum physics has come to revolutionize our world view
– in some ways science is catching up to the wisdom of early alchemists, but in another way, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME
the whole of humanity can evolve in a giant leap.

More dimensions of being are opened up and available to us.

And it is not all consciousness – we need awareness of the void.


The dark matter of the universe moves through us

Beware of all labels – you are that which you name yourself.
And every THING has its shadow and will come to face its polarity.

Call yourself an Angel and you will meet the Devil.

Want to be a witch? – get ready for the inquisition.

When you tire of the role play… and are ready to shed all masks, identities, attachment to ‘being someone’…

... every possibility opens up.

We are no longer meant to be binary creatures.
We can exist BEYOND duality.

Get comfortable with it.

The known matter has (an unknown) antimatter and then the illusive dark matter… the greater unknowable.


Because they are there.
And this technology and wisdom is needed on earth.

I know you are already awake and aware to even resonate with what I am saying and
I want to fill the missing pieces…

in order for us ALL to keep evolving,
to initiate each other,
give birth and LIVE in a whole new cosmological paradigm.

In Essence:

I’m offering
* an in depth course
into the HEART OF DARK addressing
the main elements and tools of evolution that our soul’s are going through
in a 6 month mentorship with a monthly group call and a personal call and continued practices and material to deepen with

Tailored to what you need to grow through and die to.

Including Void meditations and movement, personalized assignments and guidance, key readings and 6 group calls with lectures and Q&A and 6 individual mentoring calls with ALL your questions answered.

The teachings include:

Wisdom principles

  • Body / Soul / Consciousness / Void – the embodied evolution of humanity in connection to Cosmology
  • The energetics of Quantum nonduality – the alchemy of science and spirit, the Hermetic, the Trans-Himalayan and the Buddhist way
  • Working with the planetary time and attunement


  • The fallacy of Light and Dark, good and evil
  • The illusion of separation and the Soul’s Core Wound
  • The burning ecstasy of Death in all 3 levels – body, heart & soul
  • Birth imprints – our perinatal matrices

Our work in the worldbecoming the empty centre

  • The field awareness – working with the ‘dark’ (ie. the unknown & invisible & immutable)
  • Play of polarities – astrology and archetypes in every body
  • Calling it in – the higher levels of magic & alignment
  • Working with the Mystery

I am ready to impart everything I’ve got – but more so,
this is about you and finding all the ways you can evolve.


This is opening to all the reasons we came to this planet.
And further, deeper and darker than that, this is working with the VOID.

Once this initiation is taken and enough of us are in so-called 3rd initiation*, our work in the world becomes obvious – the soul of humanity is in a crisis and needs loving support to initiate through this chaos and struggle.

Let’s be galaxies. Together.



…our challenge now is to develop […]a more magnamious intellectual and spiritual engagement with the mystery of the universe.

To encounter the depths and rich complexity of cosmos, we require ways of knowing that fully integrate the imagination, the aesthetic sensibility, moral and spiritual intuition, revelatory experience, symbolic perception, somatic and sensuous modes of understanding, [and] empathic knowing. “

Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche p.41

Connection to BOTH the Earth and the Cosmos,
the inner world and the outer is my path now.
And I long for others to hold the dark love with me.

Price: 3000aud/2222usd/1848euro
includes 6 month mentorship and monthly in-depth course content + your personal birth chart reading with me

* if your financial situation is a struggle, I offer monthly payment option or some concessions – dedication to this work is what is REALLY the main requirement

Who am I to offer this?

I spent my youth in the arctic forest and feeling deeply the depths of psyche, of death and winter – the I spent my 20s expanding my consciousness AND my physical, somatic understanding of reality in order to find out what is humanly possible.

I studied quantum science, body-based therapies and esoteric spirituality.
I found CREATIVITY to be the key.
I travelled the 7 continents, mostly by hitchhiking, I found the universal language of humanity.
I fell in love with the endless soaring landscape and the Earth and the cosmos started speaking to me.

The pathless path took me to many traditions of uncovering the Spirit.
The most important of all of my lessons, has been to EMBODY IT.


To know it, in flesh…

In a sense
but it is (literally) NOT what we think.

If you are like me, and have questioned reality
and the absurdity of human condition on our planet right now AND have the capacity and calling right now to activate your full being..

…then I am here to support you – with one the most radical and yet scientifically viable understandings of reality (in its multidimensional form) there is.

This new paradigm is not about accepting new information, or you doing what I do. It is based on the Galactic Centre, the mystery of dark matter and getting closer to understanding WHY we are in the COSMOS.

I WILL share all my research on the new quantum-based cosmology and encourage you to apply it in practice, to find your alignment with the WHOLE.

This is the real mystery!

No one alone can accomplish things in this level, so my intention is to gather us, to learn and to synthesize from each other.
I wish to give you the roadmap that I have gathered thus far, and give you my deep oracle insight into the parts that still need to die (individually and collectively), and those that are SO RIPE to emerge!

And we all have our own very big roles to awaken into.

I want more of US – who can really see, feel, dance and play in the universal waters and listen to what that current is about.

This is coming alive to a bigger picture.

This is for you to peek through the veil into the next chamber of your own consciousness, of cosmos, of evolution.

More about my background to this

Most recently I’ve worked with the esoteric Trans-Himalayan teachings and spent the last 3 years with the mystery school community of Highden and out in the world embodying the cosmology (and astrology) and awakening souls through shamanic body work.

Before that my spiritual teachings have included
* the Ascended Master oriented Bridge to Freedom teachings
* multiple yogic traditions (tantric, kemetic, vipassana, tibetan, OSHO)
* deep shadow work with being my own shaman, initiations with Ayahuasca, sweat lodges, breathwork, cacao and through my sexuality
* work with the Body. I have been dancing as my main spiritual and healing practice for 15 years. I’ve studied dance movement therapy along with all realms of creativity as soul-reviving tools.
* I was born a poet – my brain converts academic philosophy into more lyrical essences, easier to understand and play with
* The forest is my best friend, I grew up in the arctic north – I have studied ecosystems and permaculture, even ecovillage design and community development.

I am here for this.

Many of humanity’s problems are to do with severed ties to both the lower and the higher elementals. We have developed a cancer and struggle to find a will to live past our self-destructive urge. There is a hunger, a greed, that makes us parasites more than harmonious beings. I see that and I do not think fighting against anything is an answer.
I do feel that we ALL have an evolutionary path in the psyche and this planetary existence is here to guide us with all its challenges.

Somehow the disconnect of earth and the larger cosmos was never fully disrupted for me. I am becoming painstakingly aware that I am here to ease the initiatory path for others. In particular those who have come through the so-called 2nd initiation i.e. can take self responsibility of their emotional body and are beginning to see the nondual nature of reality.

This is time to find more parts of us!

And to dance our way into the next great era.