Module 4: Attunement and Relating


I wanted to exemplify the subtle art of attunement in its most OBVIOUS context – movement.

I’d love to you to experiment with it in conversation – even on zoomcalls, even when gazing at the sea or looking at the nightsky.

To tune into nature – or the external world – takes us to a wider perspective on life. My own body is the echo chamber of what I see, hear, feel, taste in the surrounding.

Of course it is still my interpretation of the world, my instrument is different from yours – but the art is the same.

If intuition is the inner knowing of something invisible – attunement is the INSTINCTUAL awareness of the world.

This also starts to play a part in our RELATING!
Here is the call we had on the 3 levels of relating – personality, soul and monadic/void-based:

Ways to Listen

When we get overwhelmed by what is going on,
it may help to focus on one input at a time

  • through my own bodily sensations – first of all just scanning posture, any tension in the muscles, any pain in the organs, where is the breath and tuning into the heartbeat and facial expressions..
  • through emotions, as they are shared as a field… I can tap into anyone’s emotional field through the body – as it will register the other person’s posture and tension and mirrors it – triggering the emotions connected to that posture.
  • through sound – the tones of voice, the strength and clarity with which someone speaks… sometimes they say ONE significant word. Most people speak from their heads – try how the voice changes if you place hands on heart or belly.
  • through finding the facts – only believing in that which can be mathematically or phenomenologically verified (these questions can become useful when dismantling extreme statements)

A little bit more about the Rays

As you may know – I am doing weekly calls open to the public to tap into the specific RAY energies. The most timezone accomodating time is an early morning 7am Europe time (3pm AEST) and for that I apologize. If you feel the resonance with a specific ray – this is an invitation to come align, sense and share from that place.

From Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey, the pages most important below in the link:


In the research phases of how to combine the ‘dark’ energy emission of a person with the field of influence in any arena of life – I stumble across articles that inspire that. Here is one from Forbes:

I look forward to tapping into your unique ways of bringing your own mastery forth. The biggest way of influence I notice is through others – the more ‘dark’-embodied I am, the more people around me grow as ‘stars’ or fields of their energy. So, eventually, we may be in the centre of our own galaxy/community and yet not feel ‘burnt out’.


A new look on Dark Energy & Matter

The staggering fact is still that we do not know what 96% of the universe really is…
A fun little visualisation of what would happen in our meditation…ideally!

This is a rising topic again, as an integration of the physics and the embodiment. Here is our latest call on the topic:

Above is a 2 hr long soundscape I used for a group temple to MOVE from void… be moved, be authentic, drop to that layer beyond labels or personas… Hope you find it useful in exploring the depths of the physical body and MATTER -principle.