Deeper Touch

Coming 2022
at Sunshine Coast, QLD
2 days of 9am-5pm

This is a HANDS-ON, intimate, body-awareness training on the universe of TOUCH.

Day 1 – Self – we will cover layers of our own body deepening its authentic expression and then play with shadow work and safety through archetypal exercises.

Day 2 – Other – we dive yet deeper into connection with the other, through emotional, physical and erotic energetic channels. Finding ways to listen and use the art of ‘void-space’ to create a transformative bodywork ritual.

We will do all this through ritual, play and discovery and with touch and awareness both deepening conscious connection to SELF and OTHER.

Suitable for bodyworkers, couples, singles, dancers, yogis and anyone interested in deepening their experience of being-in-body.

The training will include group and partner work, but will be honoring of your personal boundaries in that. Do expect a healing, dynamic and mystic experience of getting to know your Psycho-Soma*.
(*interrelation of mind and body of psychic,  emotional,  or  mental  origin.)

Feel More.
Make the sensate sacred.

More from our instructor – Mia

The Tools you will be taking into your own lives and bodywork practice include:

  • Working & Moving with the 6 Bodies
    (physical, energetic, emotional, archetypal, wisdom & dark)
  • Transpersonal, transformative play – how to create ritual space
  • Creating Connection & Intimacy – practical tools & awareness practices
  • ‘Dancing with the Dark’ – working with shadow vs the nondual emptiness
  • How to activate and appreciate the Erotic Body in a powerful and healthy way as Life force & Creativity

The weekend consists of solo, partnered and group practices including movement, massage and shamanic components around creating ritual space, accessing altered states of consciousness and the wisdom of body in those liminal states.

This training is for
couples who wish to deepen in their reverence of one another
singles who want deeper relationships and levels of intimacy
body workers (all fields of massage) who want to practice with more nuance
all gender identities, all ages above 18,
beginners and professionals
– anyone who wishes to expand their authentic nature & touch expertise

Prices and Registration:

1 Day alone $200
Both days $350

*bring your own lunch and sarongs (for day 2) – massage oils and other tools we use will be provided

To sign up, fill the form below and CONTACT:

**Payment plan available: $100 deposit – after which $50 a week.

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Guided by Mia Mor.

Mia is an experienced body therapist – she has been working with body & nonverbal relationships since 2007.
She has a BA studying the creative, the transformative and the erotic nature of our psyche & physique.
She has training in body and movement therapeutics from the western and multicultural approaches (dance therapy, archetypal play, yoga/tantra/ayurveda, tribal healing practices of Africa and Amazon & modern Esoteric approaches).
Her background – as a dancer, a body worker and dakini – she has a wide and unique perspective on what human intimacy is.

photograph by Anne Lomberg

Assisted and organized by Alyssandria:
Alyssandria is a trained Somatic Sexologist Practitioner, Heartworks Lomi Lomi Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Dakini and Womb Embodiment Worker, and a Breathwork facilitator.
She has been immersed within these studies since her young youth of 14 years old with the start of meditation and yoga philosophies. Her qualifications began in 2019 for her Yoga Teacher Training and then began the integration of Ayurveda and Astrology.
Due to the mix modalities, this created her magikal work of ‘Somatic Alchemy’; combined with bodywork, ancient wisdom from Isis lineage, the union of sexual energy within matter and the connection with the nervous system.
Her way of creating safety around triggers, patterning and holding tension within the bodies of Self enables the client to see the truth as it is in the body and mind, to then integrate the new neural pathways and set aliveness back into Life.

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