Feel the Depth

As our exploration begins at New Moon, when the stars are most visible – it is a great opportunity to tune into the space and ‘dark’ of it in particular. The sun is far from the Galactic centre, so the black hole energy is stronger in the night time.

If you have a chance to build this into a practice – prepare an altar with intentions, and a space where you sit, move and journal each day. Select the items you want to bring into that practice – otherwise declutter the space and allow for airflow.

The point in space where you practice will become the zero-point of the field of awareness we create.

First, drop deep into this meditation…

Though our purpose in this cycle is to go deep into the embodiment,
a taste of the nondual awareness through meditation is a daily venture.

Use the recording as guidance, but also make your own path.

Second, let’s explore the 4 ‘bodies’ or selves we find ourselves in

I’d love you to make some of your own observations on how these activate in you. Play and move with each ‘self’, other names you can use would be: Animal, Human, Soul, God.

These are like the different states of your own ‘matter’.

I will add the video of practices around this tomorrow! See how you feel going through on your own…

Now, have you tuned into what you want to deepen into and why?

Deeper movement to the body

To warm up toward deeper layers of stillness and moving with and in ‘darkness’ – start with forming a practice of authentic movement.

The main quality of this kind of movement is that it is initiated by the body, not the mind telling the body how to move.

And even, as we become body-centric – there are multiple layers of expression there: the animal body (what I’d also link to the moon-self), the emotional body, purely physical body and the soul’s expression through the body (when we’re really in our own ‘essence’ – these BURSTS of energy erupt in a psychedelic array of unique movement).

What we are looking for is the dark body.
The one that listens, and echoes any spontaneous impulse to move.
And deeper still it reaches through its environment, through skin and surface, to feel the space within all form.

Those moments may be utter stillness, for a long time.

But eventually, those slight sways may become more evident.

Here’s a video to exemplify some of the parts.

Here is a soundtrack that has no acceleration or ending – for anywhere upto 1,5hours of exploration:

A technique that I first employed in my own journey to access ‘void’ states through dance was a simply formula of:
10mins or so of repetitive tribal movement
10mins or so of free flow (soul-based) expression
10 mins or so (whenever the natural impulse to move was exhausted from the other bodies) slow, surrendered meditation that may turn into moving…

I have a few soundtracks to that here:

I STRONGLY urge you to have a daily practice to move, if even for 10minutes.

Physics meets Metaphysics

One of the greatest debates of our time is between the scientific and spiritual communities. In the most quantum way possible – my intention is to marry all approaches and treat them as valid in their context – however there are certain key notions that I present in the following:

  1. There are no UNIVERSAL LAWS – Rupert Sheldrake has beautiful notions of the universe itself, like us, being able to evolve – thus many so-called ‘laws’ are more like ‘principles’. Yes, there are elegant mathematics to calculate the pathways of electrons within the atom – however we cannot predict where an electron appears at any given time.
  2. The two governing agents of the universe – Dark Energy that expands the universe and pulls matter further apart – Dark Matter that keeps forms together – both exist as important to the universe’s symphony
  3. We are in a point in both science and spirituality – to look at further horizons, deepen our faculties of awareness and consciousness – to comprehend even what we already know about the ever-unfolding universe

Hope you enjoy this!

If you want to get a beautiful overview of the main ontological concepts of physics, the Dalai Lama documentary covers that: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thedalailamascientist

More on the recent scientific debates – you may look into youtube channels of PBS SpaceTime and World Science Festival.