Let’s Dive

Into the Dark realms of Undiscovered Mystery, in the Body of Me, Earth and Cosmos.

An apprenticeship into the realm of ‘dark’ – the unknown, the mysteries of matter, embodiment and physics and the realm of darkness in our human condition.

Dark Matter

a 4- month immersion into the Mystery of the Dark Embodied. in AUD


There will be 1 LIVE group call (recorded) per month
and you will be expected to do a weekly check in assignment – by video, audio or written (depending on the practice we explore)
and 1 one-on-one call this whole time *(and you can opt for monthly mentoring for $450 extra)
An ongoing thread for Questions and Answers and Extra’s will be alive the whole time.

A 4-month journey where we will experiment with weekly themes to learn new skills in accessing unexplored layers of reality.
Every month you will get access to

  • meditation practice (a guided embodiment and visualisation into the theme)
  • movement practice (a daily 20-40min to embody the theme)
  • philosophy lecture on the physics and science (including the what-we-do-not-know) and our connection to the universal laws and HOW TO EMBODY THEM.
  • and my encouragement is for you to find a creative means of integrating the theme into a work of art, ritual, work project or relationship – this is essential for you to become pro-active in accessing the void and taking others with you.

This is an hour of your life daily (or do it as an intensive day per week) – but a chance to plunge into the multiverse and really become a galactic citizen embodied fully on earth.