Integrating the Light and Dark

Working with Resistance

I am aware of the demand of doing inner depth work. The resistance to making it a practice. The resistance to even the depth itself. The fear of losing one’s self – no matter how in love with the idea of non-duality and the cosmos we are – to GO THERE, to dissolve into a greater – is an act of courage and trust.

We are going to bang against our core wounds, our shadows and our escapism. Embodiment work consists of anchoring the soul back into the body – sure enough, we have all had a moment in life that dissociated some part of us and mostly ‘we have no memory of’ until the body tells us and informs our ‘conscious’ awareness of it. This is part of doing our movement work and even going through bodywork that dearmours and unpacks the physical trauma.

But some of the pain and dis-ease we experience is just emotional. And emotions are a channel into the astral, into creativity and imagination.

As an artist will know, the resistance to going into the emotional body can be equally daunting, but once there, the liberation of our sorrow, our anger or primal fear can be a gateway to a spiritual experience.

In the aftermath of an outburst, a release, the ‘void’ that follows is ecstatic. And the emotion or experience we were afraid of, or attached to, has lost its power over us and lives now in the realm of art.

“Closer examination of the dark characteristics – that is, the inferiorities constituting the shadow – reveals that they have an emotional nature, a kind of autonomy, and accordingly an obsessive or, better, possessive quality.”
Carl Jung

The Creative Dark

I found a way through improvised writing, drawing, theatre and dance to unpack and archetypalize many of my most negative states.
Creating a character out of it, a story that may begin with an ending, sparks up the imagination again.

Explore a style, give yourself ONE HOUR, if you can, of uninterrupted creative time – to unpack what feels alive.

Writing or drawing out the uncomfortable
One way to diffuse shadow is to dialogue with it head first

Again, before we go into a theoretical explanation on the physics entire – here’s my take on how we connect our mass and gravity play with access to Dark Matter:

The Soul in the Body

This course is not so much about our human layers – beside the shadow that is also considered our ‘dark’. Another way of approaching the shadow is that it is the physical, non-vocal part of us, the cellular memory, experiences that have shaped us and may still be trapped in our bodies (bending our posture, affecting appetite, heart rate, muscle tension – even our ability to sense and feel).
So I offer another short meditation to unite the body and soul.

A long time ago, I made a vow to hand over most of the control in my life to my body. My body would decide where I go and what I do. That was a time in my life when my soul wanted to leave. Since it wasn’t able to separate from the body, it fell into some depression, a wound of separation from its home, its source, the Oneness…. and allowed the ‘animal’ to take over. “Do as you feel”. And so I followed the sun, I went to places my body felt tribe, I slept a lot in nature that year, pressed against the earth.

To fully go there, to allow the animal to exist, without a notion of a ‘plan’ for tomorrow, is a triumph in itself. It makes the human parts feel so anxious and uncertain! But, eventually, the body receives an incredible sense of TRUST toward Earth and other ‘animals’ around it. And the senses to really be deeply aware and present develop to their mastery.

However, in case you don’t want to spend a month living with the land in a total abandon of past and future… here’s a short induction to the union of consciousness and awareness:

And to add a little message why this week might’ve been intense – it has been here – the practice of going deeper within has been essential…

Below are two incentives to play with:
* first one is the soundtrack of our last LIVE Void Hours temple – Just put it on play and explore movement – it will go through landscapes and I suggest you again have a time frame to practice with (ideally even other people as well! Do this together! Drop into authentic movement/meditation, no words, no eyes even, and see what unfolds!

Second one is a meditation of the other realm… a summary of the quantum principles, in a very deep meditational package. Not one for bedtime listening, but for deepening the consciousness-aspect.

To be continued…