Deeper Still

Diving and dissolving
into the building blocks
of reality

Moving with Gravity in Space

Here is a guided mixtape of songs and words of awareness to help you with your own practice. This is a full morning set, to play with at your own leisure! (I do not own the songs, I can share a playlist where you can find them and more!)

This week we start with more movement to get in touch with gravity.

More inspiration for your movement, you may try this void playlist:

And if you’re really into the physics and science of it and enjoy watching scientists argue and joke – I recommend this lecture – as it pretty much concludes that time is an illusion (or we just don’t know any better)!

Electricity vs Gravity – the shared space of two fundamental forces

So, we are getting intense for a moment. This week I will do my best to introduce some of the FUNDAMENTAL powers that hold our universe in place.

You have probably heard of them – but be surprised how elusive they remain to scientists today!

So I am taking the liberty to think and feel further!
Build on our capacity to expand our experience of these notions
in this embodiment.

Notions on Time,
our Nemesis and Savior

To begin our brain-induction journey, here are some links to acquaint with binaural soundscapes:

My Noise – a beautiful site full of sounds that allows you to edit the soundscape to your preference:

All of our efforts is to get the brain to a dreamlike, or even a deep sleep state. I’ll offer more meditations on the cosmic void, but here is a chance to play with creating your own soundscapes:

And if more science is your jam, here is more heated debates on what time is:

That neurobiological approach

The MOMENT you’ve been waiting for…

After some experimentation with the different binaural backdrops, I decided to add sounds of the sun and Uranus to the mix, to represent the breaking of spacetime fabric…

The following meditation I recommend you to do in a WAKE state, not late at night or you will most likely fall asleep. Use quality headphones for better results and see where you end up!

And a reminder: please do not share my mixes and meditations outside this container – they are for your personal practice only.

The weekend practice will entail moving into time and gravity in a movement practice – I will compose a soundtrack with some guided cues for your convenience. And as always – you are also welcome to try out any other creative way to get in touch with these fundamental concepts!

A Bonus call on All the topics so far!

Here is a little recap lecture, and following discussion on everything discussed so far!

Dark Love.