Closing and Opening

Why do galaxies huddle together?

A recap of sorts…

And let us dive into the deep end…

Let’s begin with a modern quantum physics summary:

  • 1900, Planck: The wavelength emitted by an object in space is related to its temperature. The magnitude of energy (quanta) is proportional to the frequency of radiation
  • 1905, Einstein: Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Waves sometimes act as if they are particles.
  • If a particle could move in the speed of light, the particle would have infinite mass – and there isn’t enough energy in the universe to give a particle that speed.
  • If any small amount of mass is destroyed, then it will manifest as energy. Any localization of energy has mass. The transmission of information normally requires the transfer of energy. The speed of light is the speed limit for matter and information in normal space.
  • de Broglie: Particles have a wavelike nature – but those waves are NOT electromagnetic waves. What guides electrons on their orbits are matter wavesfaster than light.
  • Bell: if two subatomic particles were created at the same point and same time and then separated, the measurements on the two particles would always be correlated. If one is spinning up, the other one spins down – if you alter one, the other changes faster than the speed of light. Entanglement means that quantum information is almost instantaneous – or that the two particles are never separate entities.
    “If two particles have interacted in the past, then each particle carries a memory of that interaction, which can be instantaneously recalled, so subsequent measurements on the pair will always be correlated.” (p176, Seymour; Dark Matters)
  • 1933, Swicky: within clusters of galaxies, a large portion of matter is invisible [dark matter]
  • The universe owes its structure to the gravitational pull of dark matter
  • “The unseen mass within the voids between the galaxies and clusters of galaxies is estimated to total around 10 times more than the visible matter in this region of the cosmos, and so it must be composed mostly of dark matter” (p.154, Seymour; Dark Matters)
  • 2004, Caldwell: “The biggest mystery of the cosmic acceleration is not that it suggests that two-thirds of the universe is made of stuff that we cannot see, but that it suggests the existence of a substance that is gravitationally repulsive.” Dark energy: a gas with negative pressure causes the accelerating expansion of the universe.
  • Heisenberg: The uncertainty principle: it is impossible to know both the position and the momentum(speed x mass) of a sub-atomic particle at the same time.

And from here, there are a myriad of theories (some wild, some very complex mathematical theorems; string theory, psi-field, plasma space theory, WIMPs and MACHOs, unified field theory…)

And now to wrap ourselves around this esoterically speaking…:

A less than 7-minute induction into an expanded state… with that as an introduction, I’d love to hear what comes through!

As we are closing this moon cycle, the practice that YOU can do should anchor in.. and I’d LOVE for you to dedicate another month to do a practice – whether it is 7mins a day meditation or movement.

The intention of anchoring into the VOID-frequency is important. It is our natural state, before we came into form.

Above is another longer soundtrack to use for exploration. Best done in a group (we are looking into how to do this via an online synchronicity)!

Additional study on the History of Quantum:

On the Void of the Womb

I have been speaking into this as I notice it arise for people during their shadow work. I feel it is one of the event horizons we encounter on our way through expanding as a field of awareness.

Have a consideration on what patterns may emerge in your experience.