Dark Matter

Embodied Immersion
into the Physics of Tomorrow

There is a lot about the universe that we don’t know.

95% at least is still in the dark – literally invisible, ungraspable to our human senses – at least seemingly…

It is a similar case within your own body, your own wider, unexplored microcosm remains disconnected from the realm of consciousness.
This course is aimed at activating and opening those DEEP layers of awareness – some skills that may well open the 21st century to us in a different way.


This course is about

Activating your dark body.

Diving through the dimensions of the cosmos available
and imagining those yet-inaccessible to us.
Somatic practices to make us AT HOME in the Greater Macrocosm
Moving with our different bodies
Identifying with the Universe as the non-centralized self

Receiving wisdom of the world in new ways, from different dimensions of reality – grounding it into body.

The path of least resistance
Playing with time & space
Dark matter in the cosmos and within us
Penetrating the world vs permeating existence

Advanced practices in awareness, connection to others and the cosmos – dispelling separation, anxiety and our subconscious limitations.

Dissolving duality – what’s beyond polarity play?
Eros vs Thanatos
Dark Energy and Dark Matter impacting us & the world
Consciousness and what is below and beyond it


Being ok with not-knowing

and still leading a life based on an aligned Truth

is an exquisite skill in today’s world.

What if consciousness isn’t the only direction we can expand?

This is an immersion into the field of awareness.

Nourish your own creative, your oracle channel, your alien-self and learn to speak another language – of the dark.

Your body (all the layers of it),
your landscape (visible and invisible)
and the mystery that awakens when we feel and move through it.

It isn’t a single personal truth that will evolve us – but an understanding of the field of reality we live in – and having the courage and skill to move in it masterfully.

Some of the themes we will be exploring include:
* The path of least resistance
* The Cosmic Erotic
* The subconscious (traumatic/dramatic) Darkness
Power & Gravity,
Magnetism & Polarity

Here’s a meditation to begin your journey with:

What is it that really MATTERs?

I want to introduce the concepts of time, space and gravity in new ways – not giving you mental content as much as embodied understanding of HOW TO MOVE in the world.

This applies to your work, your relationships and most likely – what you are doing on earth in the first place!

Ready to jump into the world of unknown?

A 4-week journey where we will experiment with a weekly theme to learn new skills in accessing unexplored layers of reality through

  • meditation (a guided embodiment and visualisation into the theme)
  • movement practice (a daily 20-40min to embody the theme)
  • lecture on the physics and science (including the what-we-do-not-know) and our connection to the universal laws and HOW TO EMBODY THEM.
  • and my encouragement is for you to find a creative means of integrating the theme into a work of art, ritual, work project or relationship

This is an hour of your life daily – but a chance to plunge into the multiverse and really become a galactic citizen embodied fully on earth.

This is a deep dive
into the atomic,
the cosmic,
the matter and the immaterial.


quote from Battlestar Galactica – but what if the BODY was the solution?
A full introduction to my intention!

It is not the possession of truth, but the success which attends the seeking after it, that enriches the seeker and brings happiness to him.

Max Planck

what is this thing that keeps the galaxies in-form-ation?