Dancing with Anger

Healthy expressions of anger are hardly witnessed in the world.
But when they are – speaking up courageously to what’s right, or expressing the truth where no one else dares – we humble and acknowledge the flaming sword.

Out of cultural conditioning, women tend to express rage and anger far less than men – and it tends to come out as shadow rather than as a clean cut
(i’d exemplify some examples of warrior culture as healthy ways to unpack this emotion – wrestling, boxing etc..).

So, let’s access the rage, the bottomless fire and defensiveness, that CAN be cultivated, boiled down and evolved into its purest form just like any other emotion.

Below is the video of the exemplary practice. You do not have to copy any of my movement!! In fact, I want you to awaken your own authentic expression.
The techniques help to transport energy throughout the body, so I hope you find it useful to include some in your practice!

We will go deeper into trigger/shadow/unpacking all this in week 2!

Technical tip: You can play the sound file hopefully on one speaker and some dynamic music on another!! Or see if you can allow them to play simultaneously!
Uddiyana Bandha’s are yoga techniques – excellent at pulling energy from 3 lower centres up to the upper ones.
Ask/seek for more guidance if you haven’t done it before/doubt if you’re doing it right!

Some playlists that might inspire you:

Ekajati – one of the representations of Fierce Wisdom in tantric buddhism.
Her demeanor expresses determination. With her right foot, she steps upon corpses, symbols of the ego. Her vajra laugh bares a split tongue or a forked tongue and a single tooth. She is adorned with a skull necklace and a tiger and a human skin. She is surrounded by flames representing wisdom.

When Ekajati appears to yogis in hagiographies, she is especially wrathful. She speaks in sharp piercing shrieks, her eye boiling as she gnashes her fang. At times, she appears twice human size, brandishing weapons and served by witches drenched in blood.
(source: wikipedia)