Dakini week 1 – Embodied Awareness

Cellular Awareness – meditation

Introducing the 6 Bodies – distinction

This one goes deeper into the WHY and WHAT of the bodies we explore this week.

Our Selected Readings on the Dakini

We will begin with the outlook of the female mystery schools and some of the oldest texts I’ve found written by women:

I also highly recommend looking for the Autobiography of Yeshe Tsogyal – of which I will add some passages later.

Another beautiful sacred text of anonymous origin – the Nag Hammadi, has a beautiful chapter reflecting on the nondual nature of all. I found my favourite passage and I see how some of it reflects the feminine – so I made it into a narration:

Practice of the 6 bodies

The soundscape and guidance for you to use and do this at your own leisure is downloadable here:

The whole album that I’ve used for the background – as it is – it has 6 songs, so you may flow with it, with no instructions – or use any soundtrack of your choice

Journaling Questions

Which body is your ‘default’ (the easiest to access, be in, overflow and activate)?

Which one is your weakest one (hard to access or feel)?

As a child, which body was the least recognized by your parents/grownups/peers?

Which body is your gateway to arousal?

What is your Creative Offering this week?

As we descent into the body, into the source of Life that IS erotic – I encourage you to outpour some of the wisdom, creativity, desire and love into the world.

One way of doing that is to practice with a partner – I urge you to then choose someone that will feedback to you how they felt. This isn’t a therapeutic process although aspects of it are absolutely bringing us more into wholeness – it is supporting another in their discovery of their own TRUTH, their own essence, their own love and eros.

If instead your channel is art or activism – contemplate on this: how does the love in me touch the world? How can I make it more seen, heard, abundant?

Whatever you do, I’d love you to share your process/creation in our fb-group.

Guiding an other to a descent into their bodies

Following is our first practice that you may offer another person that you wish to journey with.

I am also including some questionnaires for you to review how the session went – for both you and participant – you can copy them to your own files or answer them online!

Link to the questionnaire for you:

Link to the questionnaire for the participant: https://forms.gle/MJdpTuymKwPwNmyZ9

Group Call Week 1

Topic: Dakini Group Call 1 23rd November
Date: Nov 23, 2020 07:57 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

* Induction to the bodies – sourcing our own dakini/feminine quality of the moment
* Discussion on Lilith – as one of the first women claiming her erotic power to herself
* Claiming, investigating and aspecting with our own erotic shadow archetype – the innocent girl, the hungry slut & the judgmental mother
* Beginning the discussion on fetish, arousal, nervous system & birth trauma – Q & A

Meeting Recording:

More discussion to come in Weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5!