Embrace of the Dakini – an initiation for women

This is the gateway to our cauldron – I will add any information here that you need about our upcoming group calls or practices.

Bare in mind this course has never before been run – this is FOR YOU. Ask questions – tackle the shadowy subjects around sexuality – research the lineages of women using sexual practices and activated eroticism to heal, free and change the world.

My intention is to also be creative and offer practical tools to work with whatever emerges.

You will have access to all of 1st module here:

Access to week 2 and all the shadow is here:

And 3rd week with all the relating and our clearing of the masculine:

And week 4 with entering the realm of the erotic – for sale.

And week 5 is on its way to completion!

Our last group call for week 6:

You may want to scroll down this page for outlines of each week and for additional playlists you can use for the backdrop of your practice!

Here is the rough outline:

A playlist for morning practice
A playlist for evening practice
Erotic Feminine music

More playlists to come… also check what I have publicly available on spotify: MysticMiaMor

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