Embrace of the Dakini – an initiation for women

This is the gateway to our cauldron. This is now a summary of 4 rounds of Embrace of the Dakini – online trainings.

Bare in mind this course always changes structure a little according to what topics are alive in the field – this is FOR YOU.

Ask questions and intentionally welcome life’s lessons in this realm – tackle the shadowy subjects around sexuality – research the lineages of women using sexual practices and activated eroticism to heal, free and change the world.

You will have access to all of 1st module here:

Access to week 2 and all the shadow is here:

And 3rd week with all the relating and our clearing of the masculine:

And week 4 with entering the realm of the erotic – for sale.

And week 5 on the wisdom Dakinis and our way into world service:

Some of the playlists I use below:

A playlist for morning practice
A playlist for evening practice
Erotic Feminine music

More playlists publicly available on spotify: MysticMiaMor

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