Planetary Archetypes for Leadership

Welcome to the Advanced School of Mystic Arts,

the texts ancient and modern that hold universal laws but allow for transmutation of psyche,

practices of embodiment of highest and lowest – we go through cellular, atomic, archetypal and many subtle realms to activate all sheaths of the being

inner and outer world WORK – meditations, challenges, creative outpour and collective dreaming…

Ultimately – this is for YOU if you are PASSIONATE about the soul’s evolution, care about the collective humanity of us all – and want to STEP UP to empower everyone in their authenticity and creating the next-level of “what’s normal” – join in!

The universe as an embodiment of aligned truth

Starts 23rd May 2021 *

*you can opt in every month

* the day of Spirit igniting tongues with Holy Fire – opening the channel of wisdom…

Do you want to align with the Universal pulses?

Everything moves, everything vibrates, everything has a rhythm and a melody.

Being attuned to the greater whole is a yearning for the true leader.

Are you willing to pioneer and be an example for a new type of leadership?

Working in the realm of archetypes – the transpersonal consciousness – gives us access to channels of energy beyond any one individual.

To make use of the greatest scale known to us – I use the cosmic archetypes of the Planets, Stars and Black Holes.

  • Get to form your own connection to the experiential universe,
    through the planets, seasons and archetypes
  • Deepen in YOUR work – we will work with both esoteric and practical elements of making our Life’s Calling visible on the planet
  • Every month is a planetary season and has 4 weeks each with a Focus:

    1. Understanding the Archetypes and Themes at Play – WISDOM

    2. Embodiment Practices to attune to the specific magic
    – BODY

    3. Creative Activation with the particular energy/theme
    – EROS

    4. Service – Producing your Own work from this alignment
    – ACT

Every month includes

CONSCIOUSNESS (reading, meditation and audiovisual transmission on the planetary archetype)

EMBODIMENT (playlist, practice to connect to the specific energy, specific dimension of body, activate the erotic being to create from your own life force)

CREATIVITY (journaling or drawing or musical challenge to PLAY with the archetype, to allow the astral and cosmic to speak to us through the imagination)

MANIFEST offering to the world, honing your own archetypal integration,

You will get to do this in your own time, from wherever you are

– and we gather for 2 calls each month:

Before full moon and before new moon – to feel what is truly alive for the season and do collective transpersonal work around the active global issues.

And you will get:

  • a Lecture on the planet and the zodiac sign connected to it
  • a Meditation to activate the specific characteristic in us (eg. Truth, Will, Love, Majesty, Purpose, Void, Order…)
  • a Practice on embodiment of the energy in us and in our actions
  • Masterclass on how to work with planetary archetypes in our service to the world

Each Month is an Astrological season with a specific planetary ruler.

We have become estranged from the deeper layers of our celestial rhythm – the solar system is a universal time keeping instrument –
the structure of this course aims to bring us

And as with anything I do, I can’t help but make it loaded with voidy nondual eros… because I want us to be turned on by life… in the mental, physical, emotional, astral and deep dark layers..

We begin with the month of MERCURY – on May 23rd – which is right before the New Moon on Gemini-Sagittarius axis.

My favourite image of Mercury in Hell by – the only one of Olympian Gods allowed safe passage to carry messages across the veils of death and life

The Monthly Themes

1st Quarter: POWER through Truth – Shadow – and Soul.

WISDOM: Mercury / Gemini

Themes of knowledge, reconciling polarities, communication, relationships and our own oracle

Mercury/Hermes Trimegistus/Thoth,
The Lovers/Twins (duality)

Opposite: Sagittarius / The Galactic Centre

SHADOW: Moon / Cancer

Themes of subconscious fears and desires, intuition and feminine knowing, kinks and fetishes, trauma, inner family constellation work

The Scarab, The Mother, Khonsu, The Cosmic Womb

Opposite: Capricorn / The Father

Sun / Leo

Themes: the realized soul, pure channel of divine creativity, Oneness, (the artist!), leadership, ego, cycle of reincarnation, awakening as creator, shining in your soul’s power

Lion, King, Jesus, Ra, Ouroboros

Opposite: Aquarius / The Collective

2nd Quarter’s theme is UNDERGROUND (Spirit & Matter)

Earth / Virgo

Themes: Feminine forms of enlightenment & embodiment, tending to the physical realm, magic of MATTER including DARK MATTER.

Hecate, Dakini, Gaia, Geb

Opposite: Pisces / Spirit

POLARITY & CENTRE: Equinox / Libra

Though traditionally ruled by Venus – the Theme’s we will explore here are of Justice & Choice – Balance of Life and Death, going beyond ‘boundaries’ of our own perception. Challenging each other.

Anubis, Justice, the Sword, Ophiucus – the serpent-bearer

Opposite: Aries / Will

Pluto / Scorpio

Themes: (this will be the darkest dark, our fears and our rage transmuted through eros) – The Story of Hades & Persephone, the Underworld, Books of the Dead, The nondual understanding of Death, working with Wealth Magic through Pluto

Archetypes: Hades, Pluto, Set, Snake/Lizard, Poison/Medicine, Lucifer & Lilith

Opposite: Taurus / Love & Loyalty

3rd Quarter : Purpose & Mastery

LEADERSHIP:Jupiter / Sagittarius

Themes: The Cosmic Joke, Purpose and Power through Surrender, the mystery of Gravity, looking at the Galactic Centre and the mystery of singularity

Archetypes: Zeus, the Fool, the Trickster, the Traveller, Amun

Opposite: Gemini / Duality

Saturn / Capricorn

Themes: Mastery of the Material plane, Ambition and Architecture, questioning everything. Rational Mind. Power through control.

Archetypes: Mathematician, The Devil, Lord of Time, Sauron, Patriarchy, The Father

Opposite: Cancer / The Mother

EVOLUTION:Uranus / Aquarius

Themes: (R)evolution, alien technology, breaking out of all existing paradigms, collective consciousness, blockchain…

Archetypes: Dionysus, Prometheus, Alien races, Internet, the rebel revolutionary, the mystic

Opposite: Leo / the Ego

4th Quarter dedicated to HARMONY

Neptune / Pisces

Themes: Collective dreaming, imagination and creativity, vision quests and creativity. Fluidity. Psychedelia.

Archetypes: Divine Channel, Poseidon, the Ocean, The Lover

Opposite: Virgo / Matter & Earth

Mars / Aries

Themes: Initiation, Penetration, Will power, Action, Masculinity, Conflict in outer and inner worlds, the Dark Masculine (shadow and healthy forms)

Archetypes: Ares, Warrior, God of War, Shiva, Brotherhood.

Opposite: Libra / Venus / Feminine

Venus / Taurus

Themes: Finally arriving at LOVE – the feminine power of manifestation and fertility and abundance.
Also looking at Lilith – and the shadow side of femininity. Worshipping the physical body, erotic, luxury and finding deeper alignment with the material.

Archetypes: Aphrodite, Isis, Lakshmi, Lilith, the slut and the fierce wise woman.

Opposite: Scorpio / Death

A Whole Year of Material for your own Work to Manifest

We work AS A GROUP with the COLLECTIVE ARCHETYPES to yield more power and more understanding of the COSMOS.

BE PREPARED TO LISTEN – the knowledge won’t be linear/rational/educational BUT experiential, sensate, mind-altering and matter-activating.

I hope the visions and ideas will wake you up at night as you may tune into the skies above to see who’s transmitting to you..