Authentic Relating 101

Authentic relating encompasses any and all relationships with another – from personal to professional, monogamous to polyamorous, especially those painful ones that have come teach us the most…

Based on years of innovation in the field of relating, we wanted to unpack and create language and best practices around making relating a SUPPORTIVE, CREATIVE & NOURISHING aspect of life.

This is a guide to real, raw, authentic relating – from forming those bonds to repairing and maintaining them.

There are so many lessons to learn from each other, may we learn them through love & create less heart ache and pain in the process..

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Authentic Relating 101


The Course STARTS 14th February – the first round will include 5 Q&A plus practice calls with Mia – scheduled to be weekly

You will have

5 fields of exploration in relating: Purpose, Attachment, Communication, Jealousy & Opening and Sexuality

10+ practical exercises (solo and partnered ones)

and lots of practical real world experience-based material to work with.

Also, if you wish to sign up with your partner AND include a call with me:

Authentic Relating with Personal Session

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Because Relating is
a path of Enlightenment through the Heart

Recently I described myself as bisexual mystic who was often in love, with more than one person. And I climbed through the shame and guilt of monogamy into many variations of ‘free love’ (relating without container) into what I today regard as a multifaceted, ever-deepening field of open relating.

As a body-based shamanic therapist and astronaut of the deeper, darker layers of our erotic expression, I want us to feel FREE AND SAFE in our love. A paradox?
Not when we journey the realms with authenticity, integrity and prowess.

Joining me on the journey is my husband Dane Tomas – a wizard of the emotional realms in his own right – and the ways we have co-created our relationships and lives serves as the living example that everything is possible, and it doesn’t have to be hard.

Come find out more!