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Astro 202

Archetypal and Esoteric Astrology - an introduction to soul-based celestial timekeeping for 2020 and beyond


Astro 202

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Course will unfold over a week’s time – but you are able to study and advance as fast or slow as you wish!

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Dark Oracle Astrology Reading + Astro 202 course

A 1-on-1 session with me to go through your birth chart! AND access to the Archetypal Astrology 202 course! The call will be recorded and you will get the charts I used and any other useful recommendations as part of the links after. Reserve 1,5hrs for this and send me a PM to book the time.


Dark Oracle Astrology Reading + Astro 202 course

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The Cosmos is infinite and so is the potential to tune in and listen to it.