Dark Oracle Astrology

I read esoteric evolutionary astrology for your soul and body.

To get the recording and notes of the latest transmission on INITIATIONS, HUMAN & GLOBAL:

INITIATIONS – human and global 2022

a 2hr masterclass on Initiations in the transhimalayan and kabalah traditions as it correlates to the planets and zodiac cycles. As they were in ancient mystery schools and how they might be in the future ones..


The moment of birth is a rite of passage between the transpersonal and personal world that the solar system pays witness to.

Through the birth chart you can see the archetypal and elemental polarities at play. I include the asteroids Lucifer and Lilith to address the hidden shadows and dark side of our character.
And of course I look at your relationship with the Galactic Centre and explain to you why this matters…

How to find the galactic centre…? Look to 27 Sagittarius

I believe in integrating the shadow – the ‘what we don’t know’.
Knowing our alignments in the skies allows us to align with our power and the greater cosmic time and environment.

My whole way of reading Astrology is a blend of Esoteric (inner work) and Archetypal approaches – there is a beautiful order and intimacy to it.

If you would like to learn how to use charts as a way of mapping time and evolution, sign up to the course ARCHETYPAL ASTROLOGY 202

An introduction, a deepening and a source of inspiration for understanding the times to come.

NOW AS PART OF YOUR PERSONAL READING – the course and your birth chart read.

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“If you scroll down – you may find a gift from the Oracle herself…”

Dark Oracle Astrology sessions bookings
please send me an email or a private message to organize the time and use your preferred payment link under:

Dark Astrology Chart reading + Course

Your personal birth chart read from the perspective of this earthly life PLUS the soul-ar centric approach connected to the greater cycles of planets. You also receive the whole course on Archetypal Astrology. You can ask your own questions or – if you’ve had a birth chart done, ask about the transits that are potent for you in the year(s) to come.


Dark Astrology

Same description as above – if you prefer to pay in USD


What happens is a 1,5hr call to go through your chart (tropical, sidereal, geo and heliocentric versions), all the major dynamics and any potent transits that are happening in the near future.
You will get the recording of the call and all your charts plus any specific recommendations for further study that I suggest to you personally 🙂

If you’ve had ONE reading with me already – the SECOND one will go more in depth and detail into what is your soul’s MISSION right now and how do the planets support that. If you’re curious about the plans of next year and beyond, OR want to do a relationship dynamics chart with you and a partner/child/special person – that’s also possible!

This is not a fortune telling nor a technical explanation of your aspects – I feel the dynamics in your chart and speak on behalf of the planets to see what you can integrate in order to play with your life more consciously.

And now for something a little different…

an Erotic Archetypes session

Intrigued? So am I!

The energies of our so-called lower nature are calling to become known and harnessed. Consider this session something between a guide to arousal and pleasure and a relationship shadow workshop.

I will work with specific asteroids their archetypes to connect you more intimately with your own dark feminine and masculine, the ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Lilith’ nature – and their minions.

This session is not so much technical detail, but an experiential learning about how to access your own arousal and how to direct it in life – in relationships, work or spiritual path.

I am open and accepting of all sexual orientations, fetishes, relating styles etc – so beware this is a CONFIDENTIAL space to speak and share honestly. I will send you off with homework and a playlist to tune in with.

Please book a time by contacting me direct and use the following link for payment:

Erotic Archetypes

Your ticket to a ~1hour dive into your erotic body and soul – giving you sensual insights, cues and homework to explore the POWER of your own EROTIC nature.


Erotic Archetypes – AUD

same as above, if you prefer to pay in Australian dollars


More about the main culprits:
Mountain Astrologer on Lilith
LUA Astrology on Lucifer

photography by Natasha Jane

Wow, that was fascinating, how can I work with you more in depth?

If you feel to go into deeper work on alignment with your life purpose – then the astrology is just the first step to knowing what moves us and why we are here.

Dark Embodiment -mentoring

If you want to deepen into your own being and find the true Source of Power – stop feeling lost & alone and let the energy of the universe support you.

There is a higher magic at play. We are not aligned to all that we can be or accessing all our magic abilities all the time. What’s stopping us?

* Cultural, emotional, mental conditioning
* Relationships (getting caught in blaming others for our challenges, or lost in love, or fighting someone else’s cause)
* Not recognizing our actual gifts or knowing how to develop them
* Working with universal logic rather than the human distortion of it

I am launching into 2021 to share ALL of my EMBODIMENT GUIDANCE – because I want us to INITIATE INTO THE NEXT ERA.

The basic offering is 6 calls 1-on-1, plus practical resources and embodied homework to align you to your inner compass. During mentoring you also have an open thread of communication for questions and practices with me.
If you want to add any of my other modules of content to this, let’s discuss a package deal!
Also – if you are a BRIGHT, PASSIONATE Soul-based being on a mission – concessions may be available if it feels aligned, so do contact me in any case!
You can choose a time interval of your choice: 6-months (1 call/month), 3 months (2 calls/month) or 1 call/week for intensives.

Dark Embodiment – private mentorship

You will get a treasure chest of material to help you integrate into the cosmic dark. A series of 6 one-on-one calls with me. Meditations, practices, creative means to embody and diffuse conflict through using the transpersonal realm. An ongoing thread for questions and updates or shares on events.