Archetypal Astrology

… because astrology is the timekeeper – for the Soul.

This is a course about getting intimate with Astrology –
learning how to tune into the movement of Time in a solar systemic scale and getting to know the archetypes of the zodiac.

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My own work as a ‘Dark Oracle’ means I listen and give voice to the planetary archetypes, I welcome them as deep, ancient energies – as Deities of the Skies.

This is an introductory course to go deeper than just technical practical knowledge

Reading a birth chart is similar to reading the notes of a Soul’s symphony.

Astrology has a chance to come in as a discipline of wisdom in the years to come starting 2020 – as the Great Outer Planets bring awakening to us through their cycles of change – particularly in POWER, MONEY and VISION OF FUTURE SOCIETY.


This is a course to:

Learn the basics of Astrology – how to read the charts, the present and future events, the different views on the stars

Get to know the Planets as Archetypes – Planets and Signs from an esoteric point of view – how to connect to their wisdom

Relationships – reading two charts together and getting deeper with the dynamics of the aspects

Q + A plus insights into the greater Cosmology – all your questions about astrology answered and laying down foundations for further study

The solar system is a portal to understanding the rest of the cosmos

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What’s Included

The 12 Signs
Harmonize and play with all the energies and elements

Mars and Venus
The inner marriage – solutions to relationship challenges

Moon and Chiron, Lilith and Lucifer
Working with your own shadow

Ascendant, MC, IC, True node
Architecting your own mission on the planet

All the ways to draw charts
Looking at the different perspectives on interpreting alignments

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Earth…
The ways the outer planets play with Earth’s history

Uranus – lightnings and revelations

Anubis as the Lord of Death
Hermes (Mercury) in the underworld

As well as

The 12 Houses
Like hours of the day, the houses give us themes of life to focus on

The Planet Gods
A look at the mythologies that gave birth to the Greek Gods – and the planetary energies

Cosmology beyond the stars
A reach further than Earth or even the Sun – how does astrology help us to define the universe?

more to it than meets the eye

Introduction to Esoteric Astrology

Working with the Opposites
The breakdown of duality

Spirit meets Planets
A look at some of the views of other esoteric astrologers

Getting intimate with the Sky
Embodying, visioning and getting creative with the Gods

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For the love of
taking yourself on a journey!

The trying times of 2020 are here to prepare us for greater responsibility AS HUMANITY. It helps to have powerful allies in these times.
I am offering this course out of love – for the love of wisdom, for more of us to connect to the greater environment around us – so we don’t drown in fear or crumble in the war of polarities in the world.

Astrology and astronomy used to go hand-in-hand – enabling us to navigate seas (and discover worlds out there), organize events and marriages, look deeper into our own psyche – and now it is here to inititiate new shifts on a global scale.

I’d love you to come out of this knowing

  • that every event has an energy – a historical repetitive pattern of bringing up certain themes – we happen to be in a SIGNIFICANT time of transitions
  • how to work with the polarities in our selves and also in the world around us – finding your INDIVIDUAL ARCHETYPE
  • how to use astrology as a tool – for insight, expansion and wider connection to cosmos
The feeling of Venus is not that she’s a self-obsessed Goddess of beauty…
…but that there is a seed of genuine Love towards all of Life in her

– we will deal with the Goddess Cult in the section on Venus and Mars

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