Aquarian Underground 2022 Podcast

The Aquarian Underground is a lovechild of Maz Kagan and Mia Mor – we come together to get inspired by the current events, no matter how dire and grim they may seem.
We unpack a lot of themes on relating – since we honour how revolutionary it is to love in an open way – and it is a constant source of humility and insight.

Episode 2 – Aries Season

Our Aries season ramble consist of a lot of fire-stirring topics. Maz is currently in New York amidst the metro-shooting day and Mia is facing a bunch of turn around questions in her relationships whilst both still feel the Ukraine War in their blood lines.

What are the ways we have to solve conflict during heightened intensity?

Episode 1 – Pisces Season

A Pisces season riff on open relating, flood waves and the transitional chaotic era we live in.

If you want to watch us blabber on and enjoy the atmosphere, have a view..

Hope you enjoy and please give us some feedback!! ❤

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