An Invitation to a Call

Hello Beautiful Human

I decided to make this an official invitation to round table brainstorm and potentially really create something fantastic in the world.

The more collaboration and support from each other we have, the further we can take this. I also know we all have allies and BIG vision – this is also a discussion on the first steps, the vital stages and great potentials and challenges.

Please fill the doodle with ALL your available times (prioritising those when others can make it too!) and watch my little video intro for inspiration:

The more I’ve delved into the subject of sexuality – the more I realize how interlinked our sexual expression is with our fundamental freedom.

I have friends all over the world, and in the majority of countries people are still fighting for basic rights to exist as a woman, as a LQBTQI+, or as an activist wishing to change the status quo.

I’d love to hear about your already existing platform, company or vision! I am here to help, support, fundraise, teach and ACT.