Plutocracy – how to conquer death

An article I glanced at today on freedom of speech was using this term that I got fascinated by…
[quote from article, link in comments]:

“What matters is that we’re seeing a consistent and accelerating pattern of powerful plutocratic institutions collaborating with the US-centralized empire to control what ideas people around the world are permitted to share with each other, and it’s a very unsafe trajectory. “

Since 2020 in an astrological sense is the year of Pluto as he joins forces with Saturn and Jupiter – this concept of WEALTH and DEATH being linked intrigued me. The historical research into astrology around Saturn-Pluto aspects also links with words like ’empire’, ‘control’ and ‘unsafe’. Traditionally this alignment has a reputation for censorship, totalitarianism and war.

So without having to go into extreme outer manifestation, I invite the inquiry around our own relationship to these energies through looking at the archetype of Pluto.

Research led me to sources saying the Greeks decided to nickname Hades (the original lord of the underworld, ‘the unseen one’) as Plouton (meaning ‘wealth’) seeing as “from the abode below (soil) come riches (crops, metals..)” [wikipedia]

And the Romans did the final merger, celebrating Pluto as BOTH the lord of death AND of all material riches. The Greek plays discussed this link of gravity, dense matter, gold, crops and being buried again. The ‘manasic’ manifestation is the realm of Pluto.

This brings such depth to our relationship with wealth – regarded as the pursuit of material possession.
Yet death comes and claims the life of even the wealthiest man, one could argue that all riches anchor us to earth essentially, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

So why not bring Pluto and all his nondual mystery to the realm of projections we have on the wealthy satanist. Can we INTEGRATE the densest realm of existence – with its lessons, with its true meaning and purpose?

It feels appropriate that we acknowledge death as the omnipotent God when we want to hold wealth. The Greeks would even say it is Pluto who distributes the wealth, decides whose crop will flourish.

Now – in TODAY’s world we are in a situation where power is largely among the wealthy, as in PLUTOCRACY – many not even humans, but coorporations [lit. corpse – soulless body, or a whole consisting of parts]. And our anger towards those with wealth and power… is now also pinpointing to the question whether they are ALSO in charge of who gets to live and die?

Power has held that connotation in times of war.
Money buys power.
In order to be rich, must one sacrifice his fear of death?

Come face to face even, with that ultimate power – and then, as a changed man who has conquered the greatest challenge, he dares to move boldly among the world of mortals.

The secret to conciously conquering this death/wealth divide is to accept death AS A SOUL. I am in favor of soul-based planetary consciousness, but the ‘soul’ has been associated with the light – with everything Pluto is not.

Important work around nondual esotericism is to see the BODY and SOUL as ONE. The soul has life and that life will also die to a greater principle – just as the corpse surrenders to death.

More on the topic of Planetary Archetypes for Leadership coming in August!

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