We are Here.

We can see through our false idols,

see the shortcomings of romantic projections,

see the shadows of our teachers

see the poetry in the destruction

and the brilliance of life taking everything from us,
before it can give us the keys to the

new era.

The keys exist. They are here.

Truth. Authenticity, honesty.

Love. Compassion and service.

Wisdom. Listening and learning.

Touch. Connection and embodiment.

The ancients called it Soma, and you have glimpsed these truths
under the influence of some shamanic state.

Ultimately it links all the way down to the building blocks of matter. Electricity, polarity, synchronicity.

Archetypal work – evoking the gods and goddesses through our body.

Shadow work – meeting the trauma and reprogramming it with re-memberance.

Dark body work – accessing the cosmos, the whole, through surrender.

Cosmological work – knowing our place in spacetime.

These are the keys to the new era.

Come study with me.